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  1. Strykerboy

    Over charging problems

    So I'm going down the road and all the sudden my light are super bright... look up my volt gauge and it's in the red and then some ... So I pull over and start tinkering with stuff , ,at this time I noticed the battery box and it's not looking or smelling very happy, I was starting to cook the...
  2. Strykerboy

    republic of korea army m35a2

    Im in korea right now... but check out this m35a2 moded by the rok army.:beer:
  3. Strykerboy

    clutch wont disengage? HELP!

    just wondering what could be the problem i was driving like normal and then after putting it in 5th gear i started going down a hill and pushed in the clutch to coast down it and nothing happend so i shut it down rolled to a learching stop along side the road pulled the inpection plate off and...
  4. Strykerboy

    Hey kentucky!!! Knob creek april shoot 2011

    "Camping at Knob Creek Gun Range is offered on a first come first serve basis and is pro-rated. Those arriving Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday will pay $50.00 per person, campers setting up Thursday will pay $40.00 per person, campers setting up Friday will pay $30.00 per person and...
  5. Strykerboy

    Kentucky area get together!!!! knob creek October 2010

    "The Machine Gun Shoot is a semi annual event typically held on the second weekend of April and October. The next Machine Gun Shoot takes place on October 8th, 9th & 10th 2010." "The participants are machine gun dealers, collectors and enthusiast from all over the country. The Machine Gun Shoot...
  6. Strykerboy

    IP Swap and the issues im haveing

    well pics to fallow don't flip out on me now... i swaped out my IP due to the fact the old was leaking really bad... i took off the old one with the mark on the line under the timeing cover with the 4 7/16 bolts on it. as i put the new one on useing the same method, but what i am realy...
  7. Strykerboy

    more snow play

    playing in the snow
  8. Strykerboy

    M35a2 V.S. my house

    Well im on leave right now in CA. i let my buddy barrow my truck to move some stuff over to the house while im gone.... i didn't see a problem with letting him do so because he has driven 5 tons and such before. well i got a call last night from him he was all freaked out about hiting the house...
  9. Strykerboy

    more m35a2's going up on GL SOON from Ft.Knox

    I talked to marcus whom works here at the GL office on Ft.Knox last week. He told me around the first of the year they are going to have about 80+ m35a2's up for grabs on the website.. Marcus " do you need another truck?" ME "Of course I do...." BTW they all look better then my...
  10. Strykerboy

    had some fun today with my m2a2 in the mud

    takeing the new young warriors out for a test drive "i'm driving" same as below but as url
  11. Strykerboy

    STUCK M35 ;( in KY near e-town

    i got my truck stuck bad in glendale just south of e-town here in kentucky. basicly i'm digging it out so far because i broke my shear pin on my pto shaft going into my winch. so if so one with another deuce or bigger truck would like to come help me out call me up or PM me well i got it...
  12. Strykerboy

    Fill Rite 10.5 GPM 12/24 Volt DC Oil Transfer Pump

    I'm thinking about buying one of these to pump wvo into my collection tank its cheap but how long do you think it will work :?: I just want to know if anyone else thinks this would be a good idea or if they have better cheap options. Fill Rite 10.5 GPM...
  13. Strykerboy

    would you give up your wife for your truck?

    its self explanatory would you say sorry honey i'm keeping the truck and you got'a go or yes honey i'll sell my most awesome toy so you won't leave me?:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
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