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    private messages full even though I delete some.

    Is there a problem with the private message system? I've deleted messages from both my sent and inbox and I still get box full when I try to send a message or someone tries to send my one. Any chance of making the message boxes bigger as well as helping me out here? Thanks mods
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    Bead locks, DO I need them?

    I'm confused by beadlock and runflats. Do I need either with 14R20's or 395? on a 5 ton? I don't go offroad except my yard and mainly drive on paved roads. I plan on switching all the 14R20's in my collection to 395's and frankly it looks pretty tough getting bead locks out of a tire to put...
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    What snatch block rating would I need? and can I use the front winch?

    I'm very confused on the snatch block I would need to pull my M936A2 out here. I'm confused if I could use the front winch or need to use the rear winch to pull itself out. In general I'm confused. I was planning on using an M923(once the ice melts allowing me to move it) as the fixed vehicle...
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    Can the Gov't confiscate a vehicle after the sale? Putting that fear mongering to bed

    After getting tired of a few long term members floating disinformation through either ignorance or jealousy insisting the gov't could come and take our private property anytime they feel like I decided to contact the DLA directly. Not only did they respond by email, but they called me twice to...
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    Looking for a cheap radio to talk to RT524 from another vehcle or on foot.

    Seems all the options I've looked at are spendy, Isn't there any cheap portable or vehicle units that operate on at least one frequency that the RT524 uses? Legal would be nice. I only plan to use the radios running in convoy.
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    I'm confused on tire sizes.

    I need several new tires for my 939A2 series, They are all 14Rx20. Can I use 395/85R 20? I don't understand what the numbers mean, I understand the 20inch being the rim diameter, but the difference between 14 and 395/85 what is that?
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    Wierd CTIS issue

    I replaced all the solenoids in the PCU, Put the newer pressure switch on the PCU..... I usually have to hit emergency for a couple seconds and it will start inflating. It will inflate to about 45-50 lbs then I get a blast of decompression from the PCU vent. Then all lights flash. Couldn't get...
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    How do i jump the starter directly on M939A2?

    I'm not getting any starter solenoid thunk when hitting the start switch. I'm going down the TM troubleshooting list, battery switch is good, starter switch is good, I get the thunk from the PCB, have 24 volts to the solenoid. Want to skip ahead...... Can I bypass the solenoid somehow and apply...
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    Does anyone sell dipsticks for the 6.2?

    Mine doesn't touch the oil anymore.
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    Where humvees come from

    AWWWW Making love. Where humvees come from.
  11. 1 Patriot-of-many

    Sweet Candy!
  12. 1 Patriot-of-many

    The long road home series National Geographic headsup lots of humvee eyecandy

    Just started watching the series on Natgeo while I walk the treadmill, have a bunch dvr'd. Lots of Humvee and other vehicle eye candy. Pretty good so far, I'm just starting part2. That is all.
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    Average shipping cost for Armor from UK or Eastern Europe??

    Wondering what the ballpark is from UK or Eastern Europe to US east coast for say a 30,000 lb vehicle? I'm really getting the itch for some wheeled or tracked armor. The prices in the US are insane as far as I see.
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    TS 3991? What does this box do and does it need another piece of testing equipment?

    Bought a TS-3991 cheap, listing said TS-3991/VRC USED WITH VRC-12 AND PRM-34 KIT. I can't make heads nor tales of what this box is supposed to do, even with the TM it came with. Anybody know? Is this used with another piece of testing equipment? Thanks!
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    My radio and Vic 1 install started

    Finally got around to starting my radio and vic-1 systems install. Thanks to JuanPrado got the taller bottom tray to fit the vic tray properly. Was putting off the installation to get the tach wired up. Didn't want to have to pull everything apart twice. RT524 and R442, Am1780 and command box...
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    Spindle nut tool for newer style nuts?

    I haven't checked my spindle nuts yet, but have new washers and 4 newer style nuts to replace once I start. What spindle nut socket fits these 8 notch nuts? I'm guessing a normal 4 notch socket will work but don't even know which one will fit them either. Suggestions where to purchase and which...
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    VRC47 setting links in the MT 1029 and MT 1898

    Hi guys: I'm installing an RT524A and R442, I know radio A (524) has to have the link in the 1029 mount in the direct setting, and radio B(442) normally has the mount 1898 link in the remote setting requiring Radio A to be on to use radio B. My question is can I put the link on the radio B...
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    Was the RT246 problematic with the push buttons?

    I was watching a video on radio nerds on the VRC-12 series. I bought a RT524, but the RT246 looks really cool being able to preset 10 channels and press a button and have the radio dial the frequencies automatically. Was this problematic and why the military put a speaker in the panel instead of...
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    Supporting body when installing rear airlift bumper?

    Do I need to support the body at the rear when changing from an A0 to A2 bumper? Or just do one side at a time leaving the opposite side still supported by the bracket or is it a non issue all together, just unbolt everything and install it? Couldn't find anything in the tm's about installing...
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    What are the loops attached to the underside of body for radio cables called?

    I came across somebody on eflea that was selling 10 packs of them by accident yesterday, now I can't find them using all kinds of searches. I'm going to start putting my radios in soon and could use some. Thanks, Wasn't sure whether to put this in the radio forums or here. Seems more appropriate...
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