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  1. Awesomeness

    Anyone in Denver/Cheyenne area buying tires?

    I need to buy one tire, and am hoping I can chip in on somebody's order. I bought 8 brand new tires, for the LMTV + trailer (hoping to have an extra spare), but then 2 tires turned out to be bad so now I'm actually short one. It figures, right?
  2. Awesomeness

    Parts to keep off junk 3116?

    A couple of years ago I replaced the 3116 that I cracked the block on, and it's since been sitting (covered). I'm going to scrap it, but is there anything good off it I should keep or sell? I was thinking maybe... Turbo Front housing Front cover Oil pan Thoughts?
  3. Awesomeness

    Name that cargo cover!

    I bought a cargo cover that was supposed to be for my LMTV, but this clearly isn't. I want to sell it off, but don't know what it's for. Do you?
  4. Awesomeness

    Metal valve stem availability?

    Are the little brass valve stem tubes a readily available item? Can a HD tire shop get them easily? One of mine is in pretty bad shape.
  5. Awesomeness

    Where to find Allison transmission specialist?

    My truck still shifts really hard, and I'd like to have it checked out by an Allison transmission specialist. When you guys post about taking your trucks to one, who are you really going to? How do I find a expert, or certified specialist (if that's a thing)?
  6. Awesomeness

    Using 1" steel tubing to install a tire

    I didn't come up with this, but I thought I'd make a video for those who wanted to see how easy it is.
  7. Awesomeness

    Which side of Hutchinson 3-piece runflat faces out?

    These Hutchinson 3-piece runflats are asymmetric. The one side has a 1-2" nose on the center, and the other side is basically flat. Which way does that nose face? (I'm not talking about the additional rubber rings.)
  8. Awesomeness

    3D Printed Seal Driver

    I figured I'd try 3D printing one of the seal drivers, since I'm about to take the front axle apart. It came out pretty good. It's within 0.005" on dimensions, and seems pretty tough (I printed it 90% infill... basically solid). This took me an hour or two to design up from the prints and tweak...
  9. Awesomeness

    How does CTIS valve attach to rim?

    How is the CTIS valve attached to the rim? It's not clear in the TMs, or from looking at it. It almost looks like it's just pressed in (e.g. no place for a wrench, no snap rings or fasteners, etc.). I just want to know before I try to take it apart and break it.
  10. Awesomeness

    Who's running dynamic tire balancing beads?

    Who has some long term experience with tire balancing compounds on the FMTV? I know we've had discussions about putting airsoft pellets or ball bearings in the tire, but who has actually done it, and what are your results? I'm getting ready to change tires, so now is the time to decide.
  11. Awesomeness

    Contents of annual service ktis?

    Is there a way to look up the part numbers contained in one of those LMTV annual service kits, from the NSN number (2590-01-528-7243)? I need to do some hub seal replacement, and they seem like a decent deal for the stuff pictured, if it's the stuff I need.
  12. Awesomeness

    Front hub spindle nut tool

    Does anybody have more info about the socket/tool needed to tighten the spindle nut? What size is it? Part number to buy one somewhere? I don't see a drawing to make one in the back of the manual, nor do I see a part number called out anywhere. Thanks!
  13. Awesomeness

    3D Printed Tool for Hub Shimming/Setup

    I have one of the hub covers that has been machined down, for use in setting up the hub shims. I figured I'd design a 3D printed variant, so that people weren't always having to buy/make/mail the metal kind. I haven't printed one yet, but here's what I have so far. I'm going to do some work on...
  14. Awesomeness

    3D Printed Inclinometer Mount

    I got one of the inclinometers for the dash, but didn't like how it mounted over in the middle where it's hard to see. So I made this mount. It looks really tall, but it's actually just the right height so you can still see it when your hand is on top of the wheel. I may try another that is...
  15. Awesomeness

    Anyone have several more circuit breakers and relays installed than manual requires?

    I looking at what the manual says should be installed in the Power Distribution Panel, and what is actually installed, and oh boy, what a mess. Every runs and works fine, but at the very least there are several things installed that don't seem to need to be there. - I have a 3rd diode (top...
  16. Awesomeness

    Chain hoist as heavy duty come along / winch?

    I was perusing all the stuff on Eastern Surplus, and came across this "basic issue" kit which includes a chain hoist. I don't ever remember seeing those in Army, but hey, do they work as a winch? Anyone use one that way...
  17. Awesomeness

    Source for wheel o-rings and CTIS valve seal rings?

    Does anyone have a source or civilian part number for the o-rings in the wheels, or the little copper ring gaskets that seal the CTIS valves on there? I thought someone said once that McMaster had them, but I can't find them.
  18. Awesomeness

    Safely crane unrimmed tire into bed?

    Is it ok to crane a tire with NO RIM into the truck, by looping a strap through the hole around the bead? I just want to make sure it won't damage the bead. Like this, but with NO RIM
  19. Awesomeness

    CO MTV Sway Bar Bushings, Greasable Polyurethane

    I've been making these performance greaseable replacement bushings for MTVs for a while now. I'm a mechanical engineer by trade, and these are improvements, not just replacements. Finally stop your stabilizer bar from clanking around, and get it working how it was intended! Forum members have...
  20. Awesomeness

    LMTV throttle cable

    I'm trying to get a custom throttle cable made. Does anyone have one, outside of a truck, that you could give me a couple measurements off of? I can get to the ends of mine, for things like thread size and length, but can you tell me: How long is the outer jacket (from any two points you...
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