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  1. WhoMe08721

    M35a2 Intake Manifold Bad Casting Or Rusted Out

    Hey Guys, Was removing the radiator and thermostat today and notice that my intake manifold is a little mess up inside. Was this a bad casting from the factory or is this rusted out. Should I be worried about this??? Attached are some picture.
  2. WhoMe08721

    Brake pads & Brake rotor (Cross Reference Number)

    Hey guys, Is there a Cross Reference Number for Brake pads & Brake rotor for a stock 6.5L M998. From (Autozone ,Napa, advance auto, pep boys,.......). If not where is the best place to get pads & rotor for the M998. Thanks
  3. WhoMe08721

    M998 Xdoor Bullet Resistant Glass

    Hey Guys, What is the protection Level (1-9) of clear Humvee 3/8" bullet Resistant Glass for a x door. Also is the glass from (federalmilitaryparts) real Ballistic X-door Glass.
  4. WhoMe08721

    M1046 Door Armor Louvers

    Hey Guys, What is the armor louvers called on these front door & why is it never found on the rears door.
  5. WhoMe08721

    Brake Pedal Travel

    Hey Guys, What should the brake pedal travel be on a m35a2 with new brake pads. The brake pedal travel about 3" to (Max Brakes Lock Up All 6).When pressed all the way down the pedal is even high to the accelerator pedal. If I measure from the floor to the top of the pedal when not pressed I...
  6. WhoMe08721

    Brake Not Bleeding off Pressure

    Hey Guys, Went out today with one of my m35a2 and the brakes got supper hot about 400F. Hub where cold as ice and the air Temp is about 35F today, there snow on the ground. Just did bakes on it last weekend. Brakes are adjusted right when I jack up the truck the wheels spin freely no drag...
  7. WhoMe08721

    How to tell if you have a faulty injector pump

    Hey Guys, How can you tell if you have a faulty injector pump. What are some symptoms and is there away to check a injector pump when it is one the truck. (Example: can you put a high pressure fuel gauge Hydraulic Head)
  8. WhoMe08721

    Rear Axle Question

    Hey Guys, Today I was working on my buddy's M35a2 Rear axles and I notice when I spin one tire the other spin in the opposite direction and I cant hold one side when you spin the other side. I thought the axle where open diff, There for I thought you could hold one tire on one side when some...
  9. WhoMe08721

    M35a2 White Smoke

    Hey guys, So today I finally fired up my m35a2 and toke her for a drive and she blows white smoke. The truck has been sitting since May. Been redoing all the axle (brakes, seals & bearings) and putting in arb air locker in all of them. The motor ran for a go Hour today, It ran great no lose...
  10. WhoMe08721

    Adding A Turbocharger To A Not Turbocharger 6.5L

    Hey Guys, How hard would it be to add a turbocharger to my stock m998 not turbocharger 6.5L Motor. Is there any kits out there, I could buy or any good Threads or good instructions out there for this project. Also if there is no conversion kits out there what are some of the parts I am going...
  11. WhoMe08721

    How To Test A RPM Sensor????

    Hey Guys, How do you test a RPM Sensor on a m998 non turbo 6.5 diesel and if it is bad what would happen??? Also is there any TM manual on this besides TM 9-2320-280-20-2 (4-54)?? Thanks -Chris
  12. WhoMe08721

    10 ton 6x6 M125 differential brake handle??

    Hey guys, Can some one tell me what the differential brake handle dose in a 10 ton 6x6 M125 and how it works??? Thanks -Chris
  13. WhoMe08721

    M35a2 ARB Air Locker Questions

    Het guys, So I finally decided to replace my leaking outer axle seals. But I have been pushing it off because when I replace them I all ways want to install (3) ARB Air Locker in too. Finally have time after the next (3) weeks to install them. My only questions about them are 1)I was...
  14. WhoMe08721

    m998 Air Lift Bump Shackle

    Hey Guys, What was this shackle (PART NUMBER 12342354) use for on the M998 Air Life Bumper? Also why is there only one on the bumper not two and why is it shifted to one side?? Thanks -Chris
  15. WhoMe08721

    Top SPEED Of A M35A2 In 6x6????

    Hey Guys, What is the Top Speed for a 1967 M35A2 with 6x6 Engage (WITH AIR SHIFT SWITCH FOR TRANSFER CASE ON) And what are some thing to not do in 6X6. For example don't drive on the highway on a clear sunny day doing 65mph with 6x6 Engage is not a good idea. Also is there any TM manual...
  16. WhoMe08721

    M35A2 Brake Fluid (Dot???)

    Hi all, How can you tell if I have Silicone DOT 5 brake fluid in my 1967 M35A2? Brake fluid does not appear purple. It Looks yellow/green ish when I check the master cylinder. Is there a simple test or something I can do to find out what I have. Thanks, -Chris
  17. WhoMe08721

    6.2L Turbo????

    Hey Guys, Was just trying to find out is there any turbo kit for a 1987 AM General HMMWV 6.2L diesel, 3 speed automatic transmission or has any one every put a turbo on one of these before???
  18. WhoMe08721

    M35A2 Recovery From The Mud Or Being Stuck

    Hey Guys, Was there ever a tm manual, book, or video from the army about recovering a M35A2 from the mud or being stuck or talking about the way to set up snatch blocks, snatch blocks configurations, using the winch and so on???
  19. WhoMe08721

    Checking Turbocharger

    Hey guys, Was trying to tell if my turbo was working in my M35a2. I attach a pressure gage to the top of the inlet manifold and the needle never moved at 1,500 rpm or at 2,000 rpm. Also I found some oil leaking between the manifold and the turbo charger today. Also how would I identify what...
  20. WhoMe08721

    Ligth White Smoke At Idle And Black Smoke Between Shifting

    Hey guys I am a first time MV owner and need a little help. I have had my first M35A2 for about 4 month now and it has ran great all the time, after changing all fluids, 2 oil filters, air filters, 3 new fuel filters, and put a new manifold gasket in. It has now just started to blow a light...
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