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  1. M35a2duece

    Sd. Kfz 247 ausf B dimensions or blueprints

    Looking to create a full size replica Does anyone have or know where to find some solid data on this vehicle? Thanks!
  2. M35a2duece

    Heater fan power source

    I installed a heater kit and wired it to the breaker in the engine compartment above the steering column. It works and all that but I can always turn on the heater fan. Is this normal? Shouldnt there be somewhere I can wire it to to get power only when the asscessory is on? Or is this just the...
  3. M35a2duece

    Dual output pto adapter question of operation

    I currently have an m35a2 with winch. I'd like to add another pto output to send power to a hydraulic pump for a dump box. My question is can the Rear output of the pto add on unit be separatly engaged from the front? Will my winch need to be disengaged before I could use the hydraulic pump ran...
  4. M35a2duece

    Converting box to stake side flat bed

    Has anyone converted there stock duece box to be removable stake sides? I think that would greatly increase the usefulness of the truck.
  5. M35a2duece

    Hauling 5 tons in a deuce

    Hauled 9800lbs of landscaping rock home in the deuce today. Worked great except turning it made loud popping noises on the rear. My first guess it's the leaf springs sliding back and forth on their perches. Anyone ever experience this popping?
  6. M35a2duece

    M35a2 wiper blades

    Anyone know what size wiper blade is stock? 10" or 12"? I see both sizes listed as fitting. Mine look like 10" but who knows if there correct....
  7. M35a2duece

    M35a2 passenger seat

    Hello. I have an m35a2. Completely stock. Wife hates riding shotgun cause the passengers side seat sucks. To me, looks like my drivers side spring ride seat would fit on the passengers side..... So. If I bought another spring ride seat, would it bolt in? Has anyone done this?
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