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  1. fletcher

    deuce wont start.

    So I just got this m35a2. I got it running bit now it dies and wont start. Seems to be a fuel issue. I have fuel pressure and plenty of fuel getting to the injection pump, but nothing coming out of it. I pulled the hydraulic head and inspected it, seems to be fine. The clip and button are in...
  2. fletcher


    ok guys its me again. looking for help with my deuce. the problem that just arised yesterday that has never happened before. i got called out las night to go pull a jeep out of being stuck. went to get my truck and it was hard to start (never done this before) it cranked, but took alot of...
  3. fletcher

    v8 swap in deuce

    o.k. guys. just an idea im kicking around. has any one ever put in a gas engine V8 in a deuce. i just accumulated a reo with the gas 6 cylinder. the guy says it ran when it was parked, but if it doesnt, my idea is to put in either a small block or big block chevy (whichever 1 i come up with...
  4. fletcher

    Help!!! Front axle--(again)

    O.k. Now this sucks. I just had to leave my deuce stuck over night in the west tx sand hills due to another brocken axle shaft. Yes another meaning this would be the 2nd one i have broke. And this time i wasnt even being hard on it. So luckily i happen to be a heavy equipment operator and...
  5. fletcher

    Attention texas

    Hi everyone. I dont know if i posted this in the right place. If i didnt, sorry.... I am looking for people in texas to network with or to get parts for my truck, or shop for other trucks. And even places to wheel. I live in west texas near odessa and midland. I drive my deuce all over...
  6. fletcher

    HELP ME!!! broke front axle (i think)

    PLEASE HELP ME!!! ya, i think i broke a front axle shaft. was moving a 77 ft. trailer house and POP. the front drive shaft turns, but the wheels dont. now does any one have any info i can use on taking this apart? i have never been into one of these,. are they very hard? i have done some GM...
  7. fletcher

    suspension lift for m35 2 1/2

    hi every one, my name is cody. i am a new member (finally). i love the site. u guys seem to be very helpful on anything to do with these trucks. so lets see if u all can help me on this one. i am want in to do a suspension lift on the duece that i currently have. i am running 395/85...
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