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  1. hndrsonj

    R.I.P.--Dan Dague-Midwest Military

    For those who have not heard, Dan Dague from Midwest Military passed away Saturday. If you've ever called into Midwest, you have probably talked to Dan. He was actually supposed to be here in Cheyenne today to go through all of the stuff we have at work. He was very knowledgeable of the MV hobby...
  2. hndrsonj

    Mighty Mite Questions

    So I am thinking about getting a mighty mite project (like I need another project). So what are the odd quirks about them and what parts are hard to locate, are usually damaged, or things not to do? (I heard jacking from the differential for example). Any common spots to check for damage on a...
  3. hndrsonj

    M37 Gun Truck Questions

    So the M37 is way smaller than a deuce, so what did they carry in the back and how was it stowed? Any inside pics would be great. Thinking of building one with my 2nd M37.
  4. hndrsonj

    What color are the exhaust pipes?

    So I have new parts that are either black, bare metal, or painted like aluminum. What color were they originally?
  5. hndrsonj

    Working on the M38 next.

    Going to start on the M38 next. I got this engine out of a modified M38A1. It is originally from a MB. I took it all apart replaced gaskets ect. It ran really good. I am not sure I am going as crazy as I did on the M37..... .
  6. hndrsonj

    M37 door seal question

    So it looks like there are several door seals per door on the 37. I am guessing-Two go on the (front and rear) of the door vertical in the corner; where are the three short ones positioned? Can't find anything in the manual..... Pics would be great!
  7. hndrsonj

    Found an engine heater kit today

    Was digging through a semi today and voila! NOS in three boxes.
  8. hndrsonj

    Model OD90 deuce????

    So today I noticed this 1955 Reo M36 has the data plate under model stamped OD-90 any idea what the heck that is. It has Consolidated (something) painted on the door.
  9. hndrsonj

    134 L-head differences

    So my M38 needs a motor. It has a GPW motor currently in it. As far as a long block, what are the differences between MB/GPW, CJ2A, and M38 engines? I know of the timing chain/timing gear changes; what else is there. All I have found are CJ2A engines.....
  10. hndrsonj

    M43 Recovery

    So today Jeff and I went to the local surplus place and picked up a M43. I am just cleaning it out and doing some minor work to it before it goes back and gets sold. This one has been sitting there since 1985 and came from the CO NG.
  11. hndrsonj

    My new 1951 M38 project

    So I have an opportunity to pick up a 1951 M38 with arctic top and heater; what is it realistically worth? It's been sitting since the 1970's and has virtually no rust.
  12. hndrsonj

    Finally restoring the M37

    In 2009 TWRIGHT and I won two auctions in WI (he got a goat I got a M37). This is the M37B1 I won for $2525 as it looked when we picked it up. It has 4.89 gears, a Detroit locker, lock outs, Winch and Hardtop. I am finally getting ready to do a full restore on it. More pictures to follow. The...
  13. hndrsonj

    Building a Reo gasser engine stand

    Maccus asked me for measurements on my stand, so I figured I may as well make a post. The base is 45.5" long by 35" wide. There are 3 4x4's that run the 45.5" with the middle one centered. The end cross pieces are 2x10's 35" long. There are also two 2x6's 35" long spaced evenly for the...
  14. hndrsonj

    Duct tape residue removal

    Any ideas other than gas? Naptha isn't really working.
  15. hndrsonj

    TM9 Ordnance paint durability

    Who has used the TM9 Ordnance enamel paint? And are you happy with it? I am looking for 23070 and they don't make that in the polyurethane, just the enamel. So, does the enamel fade like Gillespie if left outdoors? Has anyone tried a satin clear over enamel to keep from fading? Thoughts?
  16. hndrsonj

    Dustless Media Blasting

    Has anyone else used this? They use a crushed glass water slurry mix. I just had my M37 bed done ($250). After talking to the guy and looking on the net; it is way faster than regular blasting and takes 1/6 to 1/10 of the abrasives normal sandblasting would use. They claim to be able to do a car...
  17. hndrsonj

    M197 Dolly Manual

    M197/M198 manuals.
  18. hndrsonj

    TM 9-2320-212-10 M37 Series Operator Manual

    TM 9-2320-212-10 M37 Operator Manual.
  19. hndrsonj

    M37 Greek Harness questions

    I have read/searched about the greek harnesses. As I understand it they are a suitable replacement but are slightly different. So who has one and what do they think of them? I believe they use colored wires instead of black, have no wire markers, and use packard connectors instead of douglas-is...
  20. hndrsonj

    Interesting WW2 photos/aircraft

    Check out some of these WW2 aircraft/photos!
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