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  1. hndrsonj

    Finally restoring the M37

    Took the M37 to Cheyenne Cruise Nights last night. They do it every Saturday in the summer to benefit a local charity (was Toys for Tots last night). Raised over $3,200.
  2. hndrsonj

    M37 Brake Hoses

    It's been a couple of years since I did mine but I seem to remember them being different. I'd call Midwest Military, they definitely have them.
  3. hndrsonj

    M35A2 Rear Harness

    Call vintage wiring. They make a replacement harness, so logic would say they have the connectors. (y)
  4. hndrsonj

    M35A2 Rear Harness

    Check Eriks military parts, they have several connectors.
  5. hndrsonj

    Clear Coat Over GCI 383 Green

    Go into your local NAPA and ask the paint guy for 1/2 pint gloss clear and do a test piece. Pretty sure I've painted Omni MTK (single Stage) over Rapco paint. If that works, the clear should too.
  6. hndrsonj

    If its time to paint call RAPCOPARTS.COM

    Park it outside for a month, it will fade.
  7. hndrsonj

    M37 Hardware I usually buy everything from John at Midwest!
  8. hndrsonj

    What to offer on M37?

    I've sold several in similar condition for $2,500 each recently.
  9. hndrsonj

    M37 Barn Find

    I saw it today. That tail gate is very close in condition to my NOS one! (y)
  10. hndrsonj

    M-37 Batteries

    I run group 51's which are the same size as the originals. I can buy a pair of blems at the Interstate dealer here for $110 for both!
  11. hndrsonj

    M37 Fuel pump, original or electric?

    Midwest Military sells rebuilt pumps that are awesome. I'd never put anything else on. (y)
  12. hndrsonj

    Wood soldiers? WWII Barracks ID

    Here's an inside shot of the one here. Completely unbolts into sections. Designed pretty well.
  13. hndrsonj

    Interesting M37 from Fort Hood

    I think vtdeucedriver has one like that. He hasn't been on in a long time. Anyone heard from him????
  14. hndrsonj

    Headlight area Rust - Patch Panels?

    I think he is the only one with patch panels.
  15. hndrsonj

    Deuce front winch framework bolts

    Do you have the special ones that mount the winch to the frame extensions?
  16. hndrsonj


    Should be identical in height.
  17. hndrsonj


    Actually the M45 is the tandem wheeled deuce chassis truck (think M35 without a bed from the factory).
  18. hndrsonj

    1957 Utica Bend Restoration

    Well, I definitely can make that happen. Just give the word....
  19. hndrsonj

    No privilege to post here

    You need to be a paid member to post in the classifieds. People who have paid have "steelsoldiers supporter" under their username to identify them. There are other benefits and forums to see as a paid menber.
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