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    Highway speed gear 3.07 vs 2.87

    I guess more than anything people will need to look at how they will use their truck. If I needed to use the truck at its max weight capability or was a truck that was going to be used strictly offroad I wouldn't change anything about the gearing. However, in my case it will have a fairly...
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    Highway speed gear 3.07 vs 2.87

    He is Fuzzytoaster above. Blair
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    Highway speed gear 3.07 vs 2.87

    Having just gone though all of these questions and seeing Bret's ad about the 2.87's I decided I better get going with my project and order a set from him. First and foremost, Dealing with Bret was a pleasure. Straight forward, honest and informational regarding what I was buying. It keeps my...
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