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    Battery questions

    Hi all, Lots of past threads regarding battery tenders, maintainers, solargisers etc and going to two group 31 batteries. Need clarity please, from those more experienced. I have to replace my batteries in my m923a1. Planning to go to NAPA or Oreilys to get the two batteries, group 31...
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    Radio mount

    Taking a radio mount out of my m1078ao. I think it's a PRC 77 mount, but radios were not and are not my thing. Could be late 77, early SINCGARS. No dang clue. No cables found yet, but have not dug deep; they will ship with mount if there are any. I would really prefer to send it to...
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    Truck names - whats yours?

    In almost 30 years of active duty (29 5 9), I rarely saw a vehicle without an official or unofficial name. Many were written on the vehicle, many more simply spoken, and a few just had their title. I once had a *** truck named JETHRO, and thats the name of my m923a1. Later I had an m1078...
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    M1078AO Cargo Cover

    I'm thinking of using light weight currugated metal to make a cargo cover on my M1078. Top only, to the horizontal pipe, with open sides. Bolted on with thru bolts and big washers. Rubber in between metal bow and currugated sheets. Normally 45 MPH or so is my top speed, never had it over...
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    What's here

    Hello all, I`m New. Current.y have a m1078 and a m923a1. Is this a place worth visiting? If so, why? I know alot about these trucks, but want to know more and share what I know with others. Interested in maintenance, mods, meetings, and more. MAY Help with some things such as a stopping...
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    M923a1 front axle in the rear

    I recently saw a bobbed m923a1 with a front axle in both the front and rear. It looks nicely done, and seems to function properly, though I haven't driven it. Is this common / advisable. Thinking about buying it. Thanks Back does not steer.
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