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    M35A2 no fuel at injectors

    Well, I parked my M35A2 a couple or maybe three years ago. I wanted to get it started other day. So, I put in a set of batteries and turned on the switch and hit the starter button. Usually after sitting a few months it cranks for about 15 seconds and then starts. This time nothing. No...
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    800 series air cleaner cans wanted

    I am in the need for a couple or three 800 series air cleaner cans. They can be complete or just the lids or just the back half. Let me know what you have and if you are coming to Tower park, CA in April even better. I am also looking for a level wind for 5 ton winch a front axle drive line...
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    WWII Schramm towable model 105

    Does anyone have any info on a WWII 2 axle Schramm model 105 towable air compressor? It has a 4 cylinder Buda gas engine. Thanks, John
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    Registering Diesel trucks in CA

    Has anyone tried to registering a 2.5 or 5 ton in bought from GL, GSA, Forest Service, or county recently and only got a form 97? I was at a county auction today and was told all the IH 10 yard dump trucks with DT466's sold there could not be registered. They has their sn's sent to DMV to be...
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    800 series water pump core needed

    Does anyone have a old 800 series NHC 250 cummins water pump core? Mine on the M819 is starting to drip. I tried to get a rebuilt and the shop said that they don't have the cores. I didn't want to swap it out yet. I just wanted to have one ready to go. Thanks,
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    5 ton 800 series air cleaner cans wanted

    I need a couple of the air cleaner covers for the 5 ton M800 series air cleaners. The clamps are all broke on mine. Thanks, John ...
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    M819, M246 boom pins needed

    I am looking for the pins(about 2 inch by 10 inch) to pin the iinner boom extension with the middle extension. Or if anyone has one can they measure it and send me the measurements??? and maybe a picture? Somebody had left the pins out and has pulled the inner boom (has the pulleys on the...
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