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    Another "what is this trailer" thread.

    Unfortunately I didn't bid due to distance. The first round had about eight and then there were a couple of listings the following week. Forgot to mark as favorites so I could see price.
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    Another "what is this trailer" thread.

    Hey everybody, there have been some interesting trailers on GovSales recently, selling out of Arizona. I downloaded a couple of pictures of one, seems to be a prototype of some sort maybe? I like the size.
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    Pickup day Albany, Georgia

    Staff at Albany are amazing! Last time I was there picking up a trailer that was missing a wheel (knew that in advance and brought my own replacement) they used their loader to lift the trailer while I attached the wheel. They also loaned me an impact driver when they saw that I was using a...
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    What have you done WITH your FMTV ( trips, Rescues etc) NOT: fixes, updates etc

    Thanks for sharing, George! That looks like a great setup. I am needing a capable rig for hauling building materials (sand, gravel, logs) over some pretty rugged terrain, probably behind a tractor, and this looks like a great option.
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    What have you done WITH your FMTV ( trips, Rescues etc) NOT: fixes, updates etc

    Dang, impressive! Have you done any modifications to the trailer besides the dump box? I enjoyed your YouTube video.
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    M37 on Purple Wave Auctions SOLD @ $6,710

    Here's one I was watching last week in Alabama. So cool, but no way to possibly justify it.
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    M101A2 leaf spring capacity questions

    Not an exact answer to your question, but I have hauled 4700 pounds of sand in my M101a1. It is pretty much stock as far as I know. Now I only traveled about four miles and didn't get above 40mph, but it pulled fine. Wouldn't have wanted to go any faster though.
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    New project! S788+m105 chassis

    Looks awesome! Will you use it as a camper? I just picked up a second M116a3 that I'm wanting to do something cool like this with.
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    Neat use for a Director's Trailer, M17?

    Sweet! Is that the one that was at auction in Athens? I was tracking a couple of items they had for sale. Had no idea that it was this type of trailer.
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    Help identifying...?

    That is a sweet looking trailer! What do you plan on doing with it?
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    AN/TSQ-217 S/A Electronics Trailer

    Looks great, thanks for sharing! I just picked up a second M116a3 on Tuesday and need to rewire it.
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    Is my 1963 Fruehauf 48TT equipment trailer ex-military?

    Wow that is a sweet trailer! Would be a great base for so many things. What are you thinking to do with it?
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    Any advantages to M105a2 over M1101/2 besides price?

    Yes for me a good condition M101A3 would really be ideal. They are just so spendy. Thanks for the picture M813rc! That really brings home how massive the M105 is.
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    Any advantages to M105a2 over M1101/2 besides price?

    Thanks for the detailed reply Tinstar! You definitely pushed me over the edge to the M1101/2. Not excited about spending more money, but would much rather get the right tool for the job.
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    Any advantages to M105a2 over M1101/2 besides price?

    Thanks for your reply Coug! I will mostly be using this in the woods, which is why the narrower track appeals. However like you said the extra weight pretty much balances that out and then some. I reckon I'll bite the bullet and spend more for the trailer that will better suit my needs.
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    Any advantages to M105a2 over M1101/2 besides price?

    Hey guys, it would seem like I am a full on military trailer addict! Looking for number four. I see lots of M105s and M1101/2s headed for the auction block over the next couple of weeks. Looking at previous sales the 105s would seemingly be a bit cheaper. I see that they have about 240 pounds...
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    Anybody mounted a truck utility bed on an M353?

    Hey guys, as the thread title indicates, I'm interested in mounting a utility bed to an M353. I bought one at the GP sale a few days ago down in Georgia, and plan on picking it up next week. I have been looking at utility bodies on Craigslist and some look like they might fit. I won't buy one...
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    Just bought a water buffalo, M107A2 I think. What do I need to pull her home?

    Congratulations! I had that item on my watch list but forgot about it until seeing this Looks like a real nice one. What is your intended use if you don't mind me asking?
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