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    gasser question from a former deuce owner

    hello all, I know it has been a while but I had a friend ask me a question I did not have the answer to. He is looking at a 1953 5ton gasser crane truck. After looking at the carb, I see there is a lower outlet which is plumbed directly into each port of the intake manifold. is this a primer? he...
  2. J

    newest owner

    All Right y'all, untill further notice, I am pleased to present Steel Soldiers newest inductee to The Halls of OD Disease, or Desert Camo disease in this case,Lets have a big round of applause for Mr. Deuce-Bigalo.!!!!!! :jumpin: [:)] [thumbzup] :turn: :yeah: :tongue: So for those of...
  3. J

    speedo adapter

    anyone replace a speedo adapter yet? Mine just died.
  4. J

    SS Merchandise

    Who is responsible for the quality of the SS logo stuff? Is it Cafepress, or in house here? :mad:
  5. J

    Knuckle Boots

    Finally got around to doing my knuckle boots the other day. MAN!! I was fearing doing it too! It was really easy, except for getting the zippers to go back together. Only took about 45 mins per side working slow and methodicaly. I think it took longer for the rubber sealent to dry! Also...
  6. J

    shaft direction

    After looking at photos that Spicergear posted of his t-case shift linkage, I am now questioning if I installed my front driveline correctly. The Poll this week: On your front driveshaft, is the slip-yolk towards the t-case or towards the front axle. :confused:
  7. J

    Attachments dont enlarge

    Some folks have added photos with the "add attachment" manager. But you cannot enlarge the photos. You get a new window which says something like Image does not exist or you do not have permission to access it.
  8. J

    Avatar gallery??

    no avatars yet? I cant figure out how to resize my I need to rely on provided ones!! :lol: I hope my Camel makes the cut!! :smhair:
  9. J

    brake light switch upgrade

    I was surfing through PS Magazine Archives (1990) and found the article on the new air style brake light switch. Believe it or not, my rig does not have it. Mine still has the old fluid type. And it has a new master cylinder! I just picked my truck up in April of '04, I ass-u-med it would have...
  10. J

    engine paint ?

    what color are the drivetrains(engines etc..) painted? can it be had in spray cans? Just got my new to me driveshaft...and its red. I dont think red goes with a fresh green engine and 3 color desert camo. this color (below) <img...
  11. J

    Desert Rally

    I pulled this off of the site. Arizona, March 12-13, 2005: 1st Annual Arizona Military Vehicle Desert Rally at Falcon Field, Mesa, AZ. Sponsored by the Arizona Historical Military vehicle Association and Arizona Wing Commemorative Air Force (CAF). Swap meet, MV show, static...
  12. J

    Temp Gauge quit

    Trying to figure if its the sender or gauge itself. Can you test these like a regular 12v system (ie: ground wire from sender and see if gauge pegs) or is there some secret Uncle Sam testing apparatus the I need.<img src="emoticons/icon_smile_shrug.gif" alt="Shrug"><img...
  13. J

    incorrect link

    the link to Saturn only does a refresh of the SS page.
  14. J


    I found a front driveline!! Amazing how 20+ inches of snow can motivate you!!! Should be here in a few days!! I cant wait.!!<img src="emoticons/icon_smile_approve.gif" alt="Approve"><img src="emoticons/icon_smile_headbanger.gif" alt="Headbanger">
  15. J

    Papago, Phx AZ

    The Papago MV show is Jan. 22-23. 52nd Street and Mcdowell. more info:
  16. J

    Anyone seen this

    Now this baby has possibilities!!!!!!
  17. J

    Who Needs a Radiator?

    I know I read it somewhere, who needed one. I have a line on one.
  18. J

    HOLY CRUD!!!

    Colemans no longer has m35 heater kits.!!!! AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!! Thats what I get for waiting.AAARRRRGGGHH!!
  19. J

    collecting wood

    My buddy got an aspen permit cause he wants to build furniture, only problem, he drives an '81 Trans-Am 4x4 (no storage), man was it tough for him to convince me to take my truck into the woods!!!LOL
  20. J

    pinion brakes has a pinion brake set up with e-brake. Seems to me swapping to a simple disk set up would take all of the fear out of the brake system that everyone has. It seems affordable...but do yall think it will work??<img src="emoticons/icon_smile_shrug.gif" alt="Shrug">
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