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    gasser question from a former deuce owner

    hello all, I know it has been a while but I had a friend ask me a question I did not have the answer to. He is looking at a 1953 5ton gasser crane truck. After looking at the carb, I see there is a lower outlet which is plumbed directly into each port of the intake manifold. is this a primer? he...
  2. J

    newest owner

    All Right y'all, untill further notice, I am pleased to present Steel Soldiers newest inductee to The Halls of OD Disease, or Desert Camo disease in this case,Lets have a big round of applause for Mr. Deuce-Bigalo.!!!!!! :jumpin: [:)] [thumbzup] :turn: :yeah: :tongue: So for those of...
  3. J

    speedo adapter

    no need to yank the case??
  4. J

    Temp. sending unit location ???

    before you go replacing parts, you should really decide if your problem is the sender, the wiring or the gauge. It is easy as long as you have an OHM meter or a standard multi-tester. check resistance of the sender with a cold engine and with a warm engine( at least 15 mins of normal driving)...
  5. J

    speedo adapter

    anyone replace a speedo adapter yet? Mine just died.
  6. J

    Upgrade an LDT?

    DR! Dont forget my deuce has the LDS 465. If there is anything I can verify for you externally, let me know.
  7. J

    M35A2 465 service questions

    First off...welcome, and never be afraid to ask anything on this board (regarding your truck of course [^] ). everyone has their own ideas about which oil to use. I use the Rotella. And with both oil sumps drained it takes 22-24 quarts to refill. Or just about 1 case. Best of luck with the...
  8. J

    Deuce VIN Facts

    hey Lance!! Our trucks are only 3825 apart!! Mine is 012520179, 2 axles dated late 1966, and one early 1967.
  9. J

    GovLiqidation goodies?!?! Check out these listings!

    When I bought Mine, I went to the GL site, got it running (cause the freight co. wanted another 200 bucks for a inop vehicle) I was able to get it running according to my now "sticky" inspection list. Drove it up onto the semi-trailer, and it cost me about $1.00 per mile. Vandenberg AFB to...
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    Tower Park, CA meet? Who's going?

    I am going to try too...but probably gonna ride in on 2 wheels. Would love to hear price on 7 11.0x20's myself. PM when you can.
  11. J

    TOWER PARK, Lodi, CA April 17-24

    [No message]
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    TOWER PARK, Lodi, CA April 17-24

    [No message]
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    TOWER PARK, Lodi, CA April 17-24

    [No message]
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    deuce tools.

    [No message]
  15. J

    insurance- who do you have and how much?

    I just got a quote from Gulfway for $625 per year! :freaked: Thats for full coverage (comp/collision) with the vehicle valued @ $10,000.00. I have a spotless driving record and am over 30...I dont get it...I thought they were the cheapest??
  16. J

    Tempurature Gauge

    look on evilbay. I just saw 3 or 4 of them going for under 50 bucks..NOS.
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