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    Big thanks to Floridianson

    Just wanted to say thanks to Floridianson. Helped me save from pulling the last few hairs on my head with my air leak problem. Even sent me parts to fix it. Great asset to the ss community.
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    Transmission Poppet valve

    Ok that makes more sense then. Yep air cylinder is leaking. Thanks for the help
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    Transmission Poppet valve

    So air is suppose to come out of rear poppet when in neutral and 1st?
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    Twin Poppet Valve Trouble

    Did you figure it out?
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    Transmission Poppet valve

    I have the two lines coming off air cylinder removed. Just poppet is leaking air, stops when moved into reverse a hair.
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    Transmission Poppet valve

    So I just bought this m813a1 about two months ago, so I don’t really know the history. It’s had a bad air leak since I bought it. So I found my poppet valve was leaking at the open port after many hours and days of searching for leaks.Couldn’t find a rebuild kit online. So I took off cleaned...
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    Wheel question

    Idk. I’ve read so many different things on it lately. I’ve read use all the same hardware, use longer studs up front, use the budd lugs on front to gain width.
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    Wheel question

    Hi all. I am wanting to order combat wheels with 395’s for my M813a1. I currently have 11.00-20’s on budd wheels. Do I use same mounting hardware? need longer studs?
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    brake/clutch pedal adjustment

    Hi all, I'm just about to pull the trigger and buy a 76 kaiser M818. Its kinda far away and I did look at it and test drive it a few months ago. One thing that kinda steered me away from it at the time was how high the brake and clutch pedals were. It was super uncomfortable to drive, I had to...
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