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  1. Tracer

    Steel Soldiers migration 12/9/19

    It's taken a little time for the changes to sink in, but I feel pretty comfortable with the new format.:burn:
  2. Tracer

    What have you done to your JEEP today

    Deet, things are looking good. I know the feeling when you have all the details taken care of, you can't wait to get it together. Coincidence, I also have an M38A1. Build date Dec. 1953. I'm getting the carburetor squared away at this time. Good Luck with yours.
  3. Tracer

    Modern Russian Army in the photos.

    USSR, I miss the Zil. I hear they are out of production and the factory is closed? :cry:
  4. Tracer

    Modern Russian Army in the photos.

    That's often the way it is, I can remember back years ago, the only Vodka you could get here in the States was Smirnoff Vodka. Part of Seagram's I think. Then after the Cold War ended folks would come back from Eastern Europe, Finland, or Russia and tell us how good the Vodka was over there...
  5. Tracer

    Modern Russian Army in the photos.

    May I counter with one of my favorite Russian Air Force Vids.
  6. Tracer

    Modern Russian Army in the photos.

    Here in the States this is an Elite Vodka. Everyone likes a little Stoli.
  7. Tracer

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Look forward to the pictures. Have fun and have a safe trip.
  8. Tracer

    Largest Annual MV Gathering & Swap Meet in the West, Camp Plymouth April 14-19, 2020

    Lostforwords, you just never know. Last April was our 1st gathering at Camp Plymouth and it broke all previous records for attendance, and I'm sure this years will be larger still. Last year I saw several M1008 & M1009 vehicles at the event but I didn't pay attention to see if they were for...
  9. Tracer

    Modern Russian Army in the photos.

    All of the Sherman tank engines were odd-ball gasoline engines. Here is the 1st engine, the 30 cylinder A57 radial engine. It had 5 banks of 6 cylinders each, it produced 400hp but was extremely heavy. Later engines were an Air Cooled Continental 7 cylinder radial, and a Ford V8 that was 2...
  10. Tracer

    Modern Russian Army in the photos.

    This is a parade I would love to attend, as I enjoy the ones here at home. I'll bring some Tito's Vodka. It's distilled in Austin Texas.
  11. Tracer

    Modern Russian Army in the photos.

    I've heard the term Zippo's used as well.
  12. Tracer

    Modern Russian Army in the photos.

    That is true. People forget that the M4 Sherman was a medium tank with a 75mm cannon. They were cheap and quick to manufacture with the idea being to flood the battlefield with them. But they were at a disadvantage in the open countryside against heavy tanks with 88mm cannons. I understand that...
  13. Tracer

    Modern Russian Army in the photos.

    I hope I'm not going too far off topic but, since were are on the subject of the Battle of Stalingrad, and our hobby is Military Vehicles, I couldn't pass this up. This is the recovery of a Russian T-34/76 tank from the Don River, that's just a few miles from the City of Volgograd where the...
  14. Tracer

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2020 - February VOTE HERE!

    Voted. Best of Luck!!
  15. Tracer

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Finished replacing the external fuel pump and it works fine with no leaks. Then I black electrical taped the wires and gave it a coat of Woodland Green. Tomorrow it's fuel filter time. SCM35A2 after the fuel filters I need to replace my drivers side wiper motor as well. 🔧
  16. Tracer

    Modern Russian Army in the photos.

    Motherland Calls, is a monument overlooking Volgograd where the battle of Stalingrad was fought. Look at the people at the base of the statue for reference.
  17. Tracer

    Deuce Garwood winch, strip down and repair?

    Taborljoshua. For your winch parts give Memphis Equipment Co. a call. 901-774-0600.
  18. Tracer you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    Here are some good extra low passes done by several aircraft.
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