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  1. TacticalDoc

    Orlando FL to MI transfer of 5 ton M923 and M1101 Jan 23 2016

    Looking to transfer my 5 ton and M1101 trailer Must be bonded and insured Truck drives Looking for Jan 23 (Sat) 2016 loading I don't want to drive it up Email only - I don't get on SS much. Please send me asking price
  2. TacticalDoc

    Jeep questions

    Looking at picking up an old jeep but don't know what they are worth and what to look for. I'm already doing the research but would like to ask for help here. I'm looking at a 46 CJ2A, converted to look like a 44 MB. It has a new grill, new tires, fully rebuilt engine, and partially rebuilt...
  3. TacticalDoc

    Value of 5 ton

    Hi all! I'm looking at another military vehicle and was thinking about selling my truck first. Wanted to ask what it's value is these days. It's a M923-A1 with all the Marine upgrades (ISO bed, Detroit lockers, Winch, fording kit) It has a hard top and 1400r20s No rust and start up and drives...
  4. TacticalDoc

    Kalamazoo, MI

    Should be moving up to Kzoo this October and wanted to meet others with MVs in the area. Anyone in the Kzoo area? Here is my 5 ton (Marine upgrade) truck.
  5. TacticalDoc

    Moving to AL with 5 ton and trailer questions. work contract is signed and I'll be moving to AL with my M923 and M1101. Currently they are registered in Florida. The truck has a one time antique tag and is made in 1984 (30 years old) I will also have a home in FL as well and my military HOR will be in FL. What do I need to do to...
  6. TacticalDoc

    Transport 5 ton and trailer from FL to AL

    Hi I'm looking got transport my M923 and M1101 trailer from Tampa area to Tuscaloosa AL. I also have a storage box that I need moved out which can be transported in a 2 axle box truck. I can drive it but the company I work for covers all my moving expense up to 20k. I also have a 16 ft enclosed...
  7. TacticalDoc

    Disconnecting the fording kit on a M923...

    UPDATE Trans over pressure Issue Explain TM Replenishing Trans Oil procedure for M923 Procedure from the TM 1 Add trans fluid and replace dip stick 2 Start engine until reaching normal operating temp then SHUT OFF engine Note Begin shifting trans through driving ranges only after normal...
  8. TacticalDoc

    Sun n Fun Air Show - Lakeland FL APRIL 1 - 6 Just posting for information At Lakeland Linder Airport KLAL 4175 Medulla Road Lakeland, FL 33811 P: 863-644-2431 F: 863-644-9737 . Looked a few pages in and didn't find anything on it. So, I thought I'd post it. I may convoy there with a...
  9. TacticalDoc

    Caution Lights rotating but bulbs not going on.

    I mounted 2 caution lights on my truck and it rotates but doesn't light up. I picked thes light up from a SS member a few months ago and finally installed them. I actually picked up 4. 2 for my pick up truck. The ones on the pick up were installed shortly after I got it and work fine. The 2 on...
  10. TacticalDoc

    Steering knuckle boot maintenance questions

    I looked up the TM and did a SS search but still have questions. (1)....apply adhesive to exposed zipper and fabric. Allow adhesive to sitovernight. What adhesive am I supposed to use? Can you use seal maker? (2) Discard safety wire (1). Where can you find a replacement for the safety wire...
  11. TacticalDoc

    5 Ton ISO Bed Bow length

    5 Ton ISO Bed canvas installation new questions EDIT So I got the bows up ad pulled out the canvas. It seems like there are 2 sets of covers. Maybe when they changed the bed they kept the old cover. The other one is almost new and was folded up nicely. It also looks larger. So, my question is...
  12. TacticalDoc

    Moving to AZ questions...

    Moving to AZ for work from FL but will still own a house in FL. I'm keeping my FL driver license and CWP. FL doesn't require a tag to be placed on your MV and my truck will remain registered in FL with antique plates for now. Will I need to add the plates to my truck? Any laws regarding MVs...
  13. TacticalDoc

    Found 50cal brass dated 2006 in my M923 truck when I was cleaning out the cab...?

    Does this mean that it was in service up to at least 2006? And if so, does that mean the it has been maintained every 3000 miles as it states in the TM?
  14. TacticalDoc

    Caution lights on trucks law

    Caution lights on military or civilian trucks legality Are we allowed to have caution lights on our military vehicles? What about our civilian trucks? I sometimes tow another 5 ton and I was wondering if I can put yellow lights on the tow truck (5ton) and lights on a civilian lead truck. FL...
  15. TacticalDoc

    M923A1 front hubs smoking and air pressure in gas tank question

    UPDATE M923A1 front hubs smoking and air pressure in gas tank question Took my M923 (marine with fording kit) out for a ride and noticed smoke coming front 2 hubs. Seems like the brakes are on but are not really noticeable and it smells like brake pads. Also, I noticed that my air is coming out...
  16. TacticalDoc

    What does the < symbol on the sides of military vehicles mean?

    I see a lot of vehicles with a V < > ^ symbols on them. I believe they are coalition forces symbols but I'm not sure. Also what does it mean when its pointed up, forward or down? I was thinking of putting a WWII invasion star on my 1980s 5 ton but I want a more period accurate symbols.
  17. TacticalDoc

    300 W solar panel on truck roof for dual battery system

    I haven't seen any talk on my search about larger panels on trucks. I want to put a 300W (24v) panel on my 5 ton roof (M923). Then run that to a charge controller (20 amp) to a second set of deep cycle batteries. Then have an isolator (200 amp relay/solenoid) between the 2 sets of batteries...
  18. TacticalDoc

    Starting issue

    I have read the TM but don't have a quality multimeter. I will be getting one soon. So, I'm asking here about an issue I have starting my truck. My first question is which multimeter to buy? I'm thinking of a Fluke Multimeter but not sure which model. I have new batteries (1100 amps each)...
  19. TacticalDoc

    Garwood m900 20,000lbs questions

    I have the chance to buy one for 200 bucks and have it shipped but have a few questions. I plan on putting it on the back of a M923 with front winch. From the search I did on SS they fit frames 34 inches wide. 1. How can this be mounted to the M923 rear end (frame is 29 to 33 inches if I...
  20. TacticalDoc

    Air intake stack vents and bypassing axles

    I have been doing some research regarding vents from axles, fuel tank, Trans and T case. First I will say I have a water fording kit on my M-923 (Marine truck). I vented the 3 axles up to the air intake cap. I know there is supposed to be pressure from the inside of the hub to prevent water...
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