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  1. CommoChief

    Contact needed re: Vendor at Gilbert Show

    Does anyone have the name and contact info for the Vendor who always locates on the South side of the complex (enter the main gate and turn left), on the corner? He is from Tunkhannock, PA and usually has radio equipment and ladders for sale. Thanks in advance.
  2. CommoChief

    Antique Registration in PA

    Greetings All,,,,I know this topic has been discussed quite a it in the forums however I was looking for some recent information in case the laws have changed. My son and I are trying to register 2 deuces with Antique plates. One has been registered as a general Truck and the other has not...
  3. CommoChief

    RT-524 low transmit power

    I have low transmit distance on my RT-524. Receiving seems OK but I can only transmit for a short distance before the other radio operators lose me. Any ideas? Thanks in advance....Bill
  4. CommoChief

    Deuce Bench Seat Back Cover

    Can anyone who has done so, please share how to remove the Deuce bench back seat cushion from the seat frame? I will be replacing d/t a large tear but do not see how to remove the seat cushion (back portion) from the frame. Thanks in advance.....Bill
  5. CommoChief

    M35 Front Bumper Extensions

    Are the front bumper extensions (on a winch truck) standard channel dimensions? I want to extend the bumper on a non-winch deuce and then apply a piece of flat steel in order to make a platform to stand on while working on the engine. Wondering if I can go to my local steel store and get...
  6. CommoChief

    Problem connecting RT-524 to VIC-1

    I am trying to connect an RT-524 to a VIC-1 system. The problem I am having is the jumper cable from the center jack on the RT mount is a straight plug and the power connection (jack immediately to the right) takes a cable with an angle to the left. Therefore, the two plugs will not work...
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