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  1. Tanner

    I think I need a camper like this...

    A friend sent me this photo... now I think I need one. Time to convince the Mrs. that this would be a useful addition to the collection -
  2. Tanner

    Growler gets their b*lls busted - watch out for turtles?

    From Raleigh News & Fishwrap - Thursday 01/24... Osprey's assault vehicles can't haul ammo - Aircraft go to Iraq without them Joseph Neff, Staff Writer When the Marines shipped their V-22 Osprey aircraft to Iraq last year, they had to leave behind the assault vehicles and mobile mortar system...
  3. Tanner

    1 ton diff - any use?

    Okay, so what value is there in a 1989 GMC 3500 rear diff from my parts truck? I'm looking to yerk the 6.2 out this weekend & sell the TH400 trans & possibly the diff - or just let the rolling hulk disappear from the driveway when the heart of the truck is removed... :) Tanner
  4. Tanner

    One less MRAP player - for now?

    Protected Vehicles layoffs to be permanent? From article: "Protected Vehicles Inc. has told its employees that its closing is permanent and it is “unable to continue production operations.” " Heard rumor...
  5. Tanner

    I visited the "Mutt" factory last Week...

    American Growler facility in North Carolina - Neat to see all the old & used spare parts in the facility & also see the new & improved 'sons of Mutt' that they are building for the V22 Osprey program - Tanner
  6. Tanner

    Okay - so I'm now an M37 owner... additional pics

    Some additional photos of the new acquisition - 1963 M37 - Waiting to get it home now... :lol: Question: How does one go about finding the history of the hood markings? Where was truck stationed? US ARMY 3D 8163 "Tanner"
  7. Tanner

    Okay - so I'm now an M37 owner...

    Garbee has been a bad influence to hang around... :roll: :shock: "Tanner"
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