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  1. J2H

    Back from the "dead"

    Been a while since I posted here... been dealing with a LOT of stuff since coming back from my deployment to Iraq and subsequent reenlistment in the US Air Force in 2010. I am now separating early (DOS Rollback) with an honorable discharge and getting a severance package, so now am looking to...
  2. J2H

    M880 transmission seals?

    I am looking at a 77 M880 and the owner says the rear transmission seal needs to be replaced as it leaks some trans fluid... how much do these run? Easy to put on and take off?
  3. J2H

    SF Chevy Impala in Shreveport, Louisiana

    I won an 02 Impala (Security Forces) from GL at Shreveport... once I pay the money for it, I'll call to arrange pickup, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to at least hold onto it until I can arrange to come get it or have a company pick it up
  4. J2H

    My new Security Forces Impala

    I just won a 2002 Chevy Impala Security Forces Police Interceptor off GL! I don't know much else about it yet other than it was a SECFOR patrol car, but here's some GL pics!
  5. J2H


    Hey guys, if this isnt allowed that's cool, I just wanted to share some photos of me from my promotion ceremony!
  6. J2H

    picking up of piano

    Is anyone going to be near minot AFB, ND? I have a piano that needs pickup.
  7. J2H

    Not a vehicle but

    I just bid 100 for a Wurlitzer Piano, if I win it, I might need someone to git 'er for me... its at Minot AFB, ND.. currently i am high bidder
  8. J2H

    Hate to do it, gotta sell

    I have to sell my 1985 M1009... no funds/time to work on it anymore, it's just sitting in my driveway, and realistically, I don't think I will have the time for it. I would like it to go to a good home, but it does have its flaws (rust, doesn't run right now, no batteries installed). I just...
  9. J2H

    Roadtrip from SC to TX

    I know this is early, but I have a roadtrip coming up in June from Charleston, SC to Lackland AFB, TX.
  10. J2H

    '09 Came in

    Finally got my M1009, but now I am a bit depressed. Can't drive it, since the driver's seatbelt isnt anchored, and the lights don't work (save for the backups and parking lights) Album link: (password is flamingo)
  11. J2H

    viewing new posts

    I am having problems viewing new threads. I click the little orange note to view newest post, and then it says "no new posts since last visit" and then ALL the new posts turn up as if read! Been like this for the last three days, anyone have any advice?
  12. J2H


    Here are some photos of the CUCV I am going to purchase from 84cucv, a member here. He owns it and I saw it listed here, so I emailed him about it. Looks good!
  13. J2H

    Anyone near Camp Lejune, NC?

    Please PM Me if anyone will be near Camp LeJune, vehicle their I am curious about
  14. J2H

    Daily driver?

    I've still got the fever, and a Deuce is starting to look real good, but are they practical as daily drivers? Thats what I want, an MV for a daily driver. My wife's gettin' a CUCV but I wanted something different. I know the trucks are big, and that's what concerns me. That, and "convincing"...
  15. J2H

    Convinced the Wife!

    I convinced the wife to buy a CUCV! I have my CJ5, but I'll get to "borrow" the CUCV to take to MV rallies! We cant get one until we get to SC, but the plan is to buy her folks' Forester, sell in down South and find a CUCV to buy.
  16. J2H

    New guy

    Hello! I've been registered for a day and figured I'd hop in an introduce myself. I have no military vehicles yet, selling my Tracker to CarMax and using that money to buy an old CJ or Military Vehicle, just gotta find one in my price range (3k max for now)!
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