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  1. orren

    Grooved piston top problem.

    Four of the six LDT-465 pistons have various sized grooves at the lip of their cups. Anyone have an idea the cause of this? Is it fixable or must piston be replaced? Seems injectors' spray is not getting into cups properly. Is there a way to correct this? Any ideas where I can get new...
  2. orren

    Chatroom removeal

    I do not use the chatrooms option and wish to remove the bar at the bottom of the pages and the user popups. Also, I think this feature is slowing down the website's usability too much. Is there a way to turn this feature off. Thanks for your help. Orren Winjum
  3. orren

    Deuce just stopped.

    Just installed a brand new HH (China made) and started up real easy and everything ran great. Drove about ten miles and she just quit in the middle of the road dead. Was able to pull over ok and check fuel to HH and pressure was OK from in-tank fuel pump. Can't for the life of me figure what...
  4. orren

    New Advertisements

    Would be very helpful if New Advertisements were kept available for more than one day; ie, two or maybe three days before being removed from section. If one does not look at this section late in the day he misses many that could have been posted .
  5. orren

    Wood species for racks

    Does anyone, know for certain, the species of wood (oak, pine, etc.) used for the side racks? The TM's call it part number 2411-65 but not a word on the species of wood required. I need to replace several pieces to the original. Thanks, Orren Winjum
  6. orren

    Bow's measurements

    Does anyone have drawings and/or measurements for the flat top cargo cover bows? If the end bows are different then those are the ones I need. Want to copy shape so I can make a hard top that looks nearly the same as the soft cover in shape. Thanks for your help.
  7. orren

    Pinion Flange Covers

    Just a heads-up on available axle pinion flange covers I make. See ad under parts if interested . Comments much appreciated.
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