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  1. G3isMe

    Success at Repairing Military AGM Batteries?

    I had a pair of these Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries lying about for a while as I could not get them to take a charge. In fact the battery charger would stop and not even attempt to charge the battery. I bought a new battery charger a while ago and didn't really pay much attention to all...
  2. G3isMe

    Wait Light Stays Lit and Dimmer Switch Relationship Assistance needed

    I have a 2003 1045A2 with about 1200 miles on it. When I turn the ignition switch to run the position, my “wait” light won’t go out. Prior to this the Wait light would flash on and then off and the truck would start. It would stay lit for less than a second. When the weather is cool it has...
  3. G3isMe

    Slant Back Roof Leaks

    I can use some advice. I have a 2003, 1045A2, slant back with a roof that leaks like a sieve. I have the “turret cover” pretty much sealed. I added additional bolts and then caulked and Flex-Sealed all around the round lid which was used to replace the turret. However, the slant back “hatch...
  4. G3isMe

    Windshield Wiper Pivot Assembly Installation – Need Help Removing Arm from Pivot Ball

    I am trying to install a new windshield wiper pivot assembly but I cannot seem to get the arm off of the pivot ball. Is there a trick to removing the arm from the pivot ball? The Tech memo just states “remove” the arm from the ball. I tried to carefully pry it off but I don’t want to bend the...
  5. G3isMe

    Request for Ramsey Winch ID and Tips on Removal Procedure

    This Ramsey winch came with my M998 helmet top. Can some of you knowledgeable folks here identify this winch for me. My plan is to remove this with the brackets and install it on my newly GP purchased, yet to be delivered, slant back. It doesn't have much for markings and it looks like the...
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