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  1. JarheadMtn

    Butte Montana large 5th wheel trailer down a steep mountain.

    Several years ago my wife and her dad pulled a very large 5th wheel travel trailer up to their property. It weighs about 14,000 lbs and is about 40' long. They used 2 one ton 4 x 4 trucks, winches, come along, cables and rope to get it there. I wish I could have been there to watch the show! It...
  2. JarheadMtn

    M813 Gooseneck Ball behind bed

    I have a 16' gooseneck dump trailer that I have been hauling behind my pick up. Problem is the pickup doesn't weigh enough to have enough traction going up some of my steep rocky dirt roads. I've ended up spinning my tires and having to dump my load and pull the empty trailer up the hill. Has...
  3. JarheadMtn

    Dash Ignition Lock

    I wanted to be able to lock my ignition and master switch. I took a 7" X 11" 1/8" plate and welded 3" sides to form a box. I backset the right side and bottom !/2" so there was a lip on the top and left side for the box to rest on the dash. I bent a piece of flat stock to form a hook that...
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