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  1. Floridianson

    Just had too. M37

    Well told myself I was done and getting out of the OD got to have stuff. Problem was Clay Walker did to fine of a frame off restoration on this one to let it pass so now she is mine. 1954 so she is one year older than me.
  2. Floridianson

    M915 series, pictures of your toys

    Now I know who has all the money.:driver::shock:
  3. Floridianson

    FL M809 5Ton PCB module

    Ok this is new old stock not a take off. How bout $100.00 plus what ever shipping will be? Tanks
  4. Floridianson

    FL 5 ton sprag

    OK it is a new old stock not a take out. How bout $150.00 plus what ever the shipping will be? Tanks
  5. Floridianson

    M35A2 runaway problem

    click on the" injection pump fuel pin" in orange. Post #6 and post #7.
  6. Floridianson

    M35A2 runaway problem
  7. Floridianson

    deuce wont run unless foot on the throttle

    Myself replace all three filters. Double check fuel control assembly unit for free movement. Then check pressures at the bleed screw. 30 psi minimum at idle 60 psi minimum at high idle. Some trucks have alcohol wiffers. Myself up grade and add and air dryer.
  8. Floridianson

    No/little fuel to secondary and final filter

    You just needed to open the air bleeder that is between the secondary and final fuel filter. Myself even with when my system has no air or canisters full I still let the in tank pump pump for a short while before hitting the start button.
  9. Floridianson

    Adding oil to fuel of m35a2

    Yep even Rotella 15/ 40 has enough to protect . That is why all the racers that built fast ramp cams and heavy pressures on the valve springs on flat tappets went to some kind of diesel oil. From what I found in writing not hear say 2000 ppm on new cams set ups break in and 1000 ppm to maintain...
  10. Floridianson

    M816 front axle engaged

    The transfer case air cylinder has two air lines going to it. Where you have the new Synflex air line hooked up to it now and adding air it would be reverse sprag. The top line or other line is forward sprag. You need to get the poppet valve working as you should not be in forward sprag going...
  11. Floridianson

    Deuce will not start after several years of sitting

    Almost needs to be a sticky with big red letters. Always know about you fuel control and always leave the shut down cable pulled out after use. Problem someone who has not been to Steel Soldiers and does not read the sticky. They want a Deuce they find a Deuce they go to start and it goes to...
  12. Floridianson

    Deuce will not start after several years of sitting

    Yes and no to many people have not checked or even know about the fuel control till it's to late. Getting it to crank over is a small problem going to wide open throttle can be a big problem. That is the first thing I check on a truck I do not know period.
  13. Floridianson

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    You guys with the 809 series every 809 I have owned needed the poppet valve bolts tighten up. You can do it by removing the battery cover step and with a very long 1/4 extension a swivel and a 7/16 socket you can reach all the bolts. Two hold each block to the transmission and two hold it...
  14. Floridianson

    Deuce will not start after several years of sitting

    Yep good call Chris never hurts to make sure fuel is circulating if she has not been run in that long of a time. It does not hurt to let the in tank pump run by it's self. Also if you find the fuel control unit assembly moving free do not forget to push the cable stop back in before you replace...
  15. Floridianson

    Deuce will not start after several years of sitting

    Since the truck has not been started for that long remove the shut down cover on the IP. Check the fuel control unit assembly for free movement. Fuel control unit assembly should look like it is about the 7 o'clock position with you finger you should be able to push it to the rear about the 4 o"...
  16. Floridianson

    Deuce multifuel fuel pressure spec?

    What are you doing to the FDC one click? We do not adjust anything in there and best thing is to get it bypassed.
  17. Floridianson

    Finding TDC the easy way.

    Yep it was Gimpyrob aka Chris that thought me that easy trick. No having to remove the valve cover on a known running multifuel engine.
  18. Floridianson

    Deuce multifuel fuel pressure spec?

    Injectors would not cause an over pressure in injection pump circulatory system.
  19. Floridianson

    Thanks to member Scrounger

    OK but I am still debating on cashing your check. I will flip a coin tonight.
  20. Floridianson

    Deuce multifuel fuel pressure spec?

    The pressure relief valve on the secondary fuel filter will open if I remember around 70 psi so that might be why you are getting fuel back to the tank. Almost sounds like you are not flowing any fuel through the head. The engine will run with the pressure relief valve wide open but no performance.
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