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  1. skytroop232

    Dimension of flat surface of drivers door.

    If someone just happens to be right next to their duece I need a favor. I need the width and height of the door on the deuce. Clear space, I am getting some magnetic signs made and forgot to measure last night. Thanks guys.
  2. skytroop232

    M-37 Batteries

    What batteries are being bought for the M-37 that fit in the battery box?
  3. skytroop232

    My new M-37..... Finally

    I found this M-37 over a year ago and finally I have paid for it and going to get it next Tuesday. It is extremely solid and all the pieces parts seem to be there. Here are a few pictures, I will give an update after I pick it up.
  4. skytroop232

    M-416 Value

    I am in the process of buying an M-37 and as part of the deal a 416 is included. The trailer is 100% military except the rear panel has been cut out. Very cleanly I may add. It has a wood panel in place of the rear panel and acts as a tailgate. What might this go for on the market? Thanks
  5. skytroop232

    My new M-37

    Spotted my new M-37 while driving along I-70 in Indiana, Googlemapped it and after much conversation we cut the deal. I still have to recover it and can't wait. It is in great shape with virtually no rust and all the original pieces parts are there.
  6. skytroop232

    Cab Soft Top Installation

    I have a brand new Desert Tan top for the cab of the deuce. The problem is the plastic strip that goes in the windshield channel is too big to go in. It does not appear the channel has been damaged Any tips on how to get the sucker on? Thanks
  7. skytroop232

    PM Checklists

    I am looking for the military Preventative Maintinence checklists (if they exist). We are using our 2 deuces for a Disaster Response Team and I am putting together a pre - use, during and after checklist for local and depolyment use of the deuces. Any leads or anybody have the TM number they...
  8. skytroop232

    Eglin Pickup week of 2/1/11

    Last minute coordination here, I will be traveling to New Orleans next week and would like to bid on a couple of smaller items (fit in pickup) at Eglin. I am willing to pay to have someone pickup (thursday or friday) and then meet me Saturday morning, 10amish, on I-65 somewhere near Mobile to...
  9. skytroop232

    Water Buffalo Dimensions

    I am heading down to Alabama next week to pick up my Water Buffalo. I need the outside dimensions, outside of tire to outside of tire to see if it will fit on the trailer I have. Thanks for the info guys. Bob
  10. skytroop232

    Wright Patterson Recovery

    Another recovery! Thanks to Kip and Terry for all the help. We arrived at WP at 9:00am and between the 3 of us checked her out, got the batteries in and with a quick trip to the store for starter fluid the deuce started right up. Andrew was out hunting this week and his boss was covering, he...
  11. skytroop232

    Veterans Day and the Deuce

    Well, Veterans Day is almost here and my Legion post has asked me to do something I just can't refuse. There will be a display of vehicles at the Delaware County Senior Center this Friday. I get to go to the post, hook up their 1944 105mm howitzer and tow it to the center, Man will that be cool...
  12. skytroop232

    M149A2 Water Buff- Brakes

    Doing a pickup in Columbus tomorrow of a Water Buffalo. I am towing it home (25 miles) and have heard the brakes are engaged until the electric is hooked up to them or you can crawl underneath and unhook the brakes. Anybody give a little more info on this issue before I get there and can't tow...
  13. skytroop232

    What does a Water Buffalo weigh?

    Just bought a Water Buffalo, can anyone tell me what they weigh empty? Thanks, Bob
  14. skytroop232

    French Camp, California

    Need some help, bought a smaller lot at French Camp this week and wanted to see if I could pay someone on here to get it for me and ship rather than one of the shipping companies that usually charges an arm and a leg. It is about 200 lbs of stuff. let me know, Thanks. Bob
  15. skytroop232

    Deuce Fuel

    Being a multi fuel can a deuce burn E-85, straight gas, mix of gas and diesel??? With the price of diesel being .40 per gallon higher than unleaded, what is the recommended fuel besides straight diesel. Thanks Bob
  16. skytroop232

    Pioneer Trailers Recovery

    Picked up one of two Pioneer trailers yesterday in Columbus, Ohio. It is really nice shape, no rust, fresh sand color paint and brand new tires. Picking up the other one tomorrow, fresh Woodland camo paint, no dents dings or rust, one slightly low tire I have to fill before I pick it up...
  17. skytroop232

    Pioneer Trailer M116A

    Anybody have an extra manual for one of these M116A trailers. I just picked up two of them in Columbus and need more info on them. Picking up the 1st one today and the other on Tuesday. Thanks Bob
  18. skytroop232

    Jacksonville Florida Pickup help

    I've been looking at some of the auctions in Jacksonville and I'm wondering if anyone could make a pickup. (no vehicles, mil surplus type auctions). I can't get down until the weekends so I'm looking for a little help. Bob
  19. skytroop232

    Tank Retriever

    Just talked to a guy over the weekend that says he has 2 tank retrievers. That is all he knows. I will be looking at them later this week and will get pics and as much info as I can. He does want to sell them, Is there any interest for this type of vehicle? He did say they run and the winches...
  20. skytroop232

    Rally On the Square-Sunbury Ohio

    June 20th, Rally on the Square in Sunbury Ohio, benefiting the Fallen Heroes Memorial. This is a pretty good time. They have a parade from the Harley Dealership at Rt37 and I-71, 4:00 pm 4 miles to the Memorial then on into the square. Music, Military vehicles and Displays all evening. I'll be...
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