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  1. General Hood

    M1025 alternator

    Our local sheriff dept has a M1025 with a bad alternator. I'm asking in their behalf if any of you have a replacement alternator for sale.
  2. General Hood

    M998 Front Differential

    The other day I noticed oil on my left front brake rotor, and got under the truck to inspect ( thinking I had a brake caliper leaking) but it turned the leak was coming from the differential side of the brake rotor. I unbolted the half shaft from the differential flange and oil poured out. Okay...
  3. General Hood

    Finally roadworthy

    After dropping a few coins and turning a few wrenches over the past couple months, I believe the old girl is finally roadworthy. Hooked up one of the tan trailers needing a good pressure washing ( the side facing north had turned a nice color of mold green) . Truck performed well to town and...
  4. General Hood

    HMMWV Fan Clutch Demons - Please Advise

    I had posted a while back that my Cadillac valve was not functioning so I bought a NOS replacement from a fellow SS member. Once replaced and system bled, upon start up the fan clutch blew PS fluid everywhere. I replaced the fan clutch, bled the system and again another fan clutch sprays PS...
  5. General Hood

    VIC 1 intercom headset question

    I have a couple Peltor Comtac 111 headsets with dual radio PTT. Do any of you have experience with these? Are they compatible with the VIC 1 intercom system? I have VIC 1 components on order, and would hope to make use of these headsets with that system. I had originally planned building...
  6. General Hood

    Gov Planet Pick Up / Texarkana

    Has anyone on the forum made a MV pick up in the Texarkana listings? I assume the actual location would be the Red River Army Depot? Or Hooks? I'd be interested in hearing your experience prior to making my pick up
  7. General Hood

    Fort Riley - twice

    Picked up a 2008 M1101 at Fort Riley last week, Iron Planet auction win. Convinced my wife one is none and two is one, so bid and won another. Made the road trip back to Ft Riley yesterday for a 2006 model of the same trailer.
  8. General Hood

    New to the family

    Never thought I'd find MV stuff anywhere near what I would consider local, but picked up this trailer 30 miles down the road at a great price, and seller threw in this 24V charger to sweeten the pot :grin: Have a safe and happy 4th!
  9. General Hood

    New Member-SE Oklahoma with newly acquired M923A1

    I consider it an honor to be a new member to this group. I look forward with anticipation to learn, and possibly contribute to our like minded "hobby". Fortunate for me, my wife is exited about MVs as much as I. :grin:
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