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  1. N1265

    turn buttons

    Where can I get the 1/4-20 stud turn buttons that secure the cargo cover ?
  2. N1265

    Detroit locker

    Anybody ever put a Detroit Locker in the rear of their M880. I am wondering how well it would work with the full time set-up and what the cost of instillation was .
  3. N1265

    M880 radiator,

    The Radiator in my '77 M880 needs replaced, the manual says it's a "super cooling system" witch some guys on another forum say is a radiator out of a truck with AC or a pre 1972 radiator. Can anybody here confirm this ? Or have the actual part numbers for the radiator and water pumps ...
  4. N1265

    M882 battery tray.

    Does anybody have a picture of the battery tray on the right side ? I want to see how it is mounted. I need to add a second battery to my truck. Many Thanks,
  5. N1265

    Door locks,

    As time goes on, It is getting harder and harder to get my key into the door lock to unlock the doors . Is there a easy fix (or any fix ) for this ? I had a new key cut and it also has this problem I do not want to have to but new locks AND a new ING. switch just so everything is keyed alike...
  6. N1265

    Headlight Relay Mod.

    Headlight Relay Mod , 1977 M880 : Part 1 Part 2
  7. N1265

    Getting ready for winter...

  8. N1265

    2011 Woodward Dream Cruise

    Hi guys, Well I just got a new flip video camera and decided to take it up to Woodward. this is my first video with this camera and is a little shakey, I will try to come up with a tripod that I can mount on the seat or dash for next year. But if you have some time to kill you can check it...
  9. N1265

    M880 timing

    Hi guys, I just rebuilt the carb on the M880 and I'm re adjusting the timing . The book calls for 2 deg ATDC but the contact maintance manual that I have has 3 deg BTDC written in . I have read post on other forums where guys are setting their 318 at 12 deg BTDC but am not sure what year...
  10. N1265

    Old dog, New trick...

    Spending way to much time on U-tube, I decided to try and learn how to post a slide show. It took me 3 days of fumbling but this is what I came up with: Let me know what you guys think ...
  11. N1265

    Cargo cover

    What is the best paint to use to paint a cargo cover on a M880 ? something that will not flake off when rolling up the sides ?
  12. N1265

    Inside a 3 lever BO Switch...

    Well I took apart one of my 3 lever switches today and I have a couple of questions. In picks #4 and #5 : 1 ) What is it ? 2 ) what does it do ? 3 ) Do they ever go bad and need replaced ? I figure that in picks # 6 and #7 this is the 20 AMP internal Circuit Breaker that everyone talks...
  13. N1265

    3 lever switch bypass

    Well it looks like my newer 3 lever switch is deciding to cut out on its own again, I can run the normal lights without a problem but whenever I plug in a trailer, run the emergency flashers, or use the high beams the CB in the 3 lever switch starts kicking out. I am wondering if anybody has...
  14. N1265

    Saturn Surplus...

    So I decided to order a new Y-pipe for my M880 threw Saturn Surplus. $75.00 for the pipe and $25.00 for shipping from PA. to OH. would you guys expect to have this much rust show up at your door ? Just Wondering .....
  15. N1265

    Dodge fenders.... Is this a typo ? or can you really expect to get a fender shipped to your door for this price ?
  16. N1265

    No lights ! ( M880 )

    Hi guys, I am having trouble with my lights cutting out on my M880, when they go out they ALL go out and then come back on their own ( usually about after 5- 20 seconds ) I can find no problems with the wiring and the civy headlight switch is new. it does not seem to be vibration...
  17. N1265


    Is there anybody here planning on taking their truck to the Woodward dream cruise today ?
  18. N1265

    Imron recoat question ...

    Hi guys, My brother is working on a boat and I want to double check if anybody here has any experiance in spraying imron 5.0 and imron 500-s clear. Here is the deal, The tech manual is a little fuzzy on when / how to apply the 500-s clear over a metallic color. It says to " re-coat over an...
  19. N1265

    Marine truck #

    does anybody know for sure if the six didget numbers painted on the M880 came from the serial number on the data plate ?
  20. N1265

    M880 waranty sticker

    Does anybody know where I can get a warranty sticker for the M880 ? This is the big white sticker on the dash next to the data plate. Thanks,
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