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  1. Dblbeard

    RC model of an M35A2

    Found this one in California These are a little pricey, but cool.
  2. Dblbeard

    Problem: My bulbs all seem to blow out way before they should. Regulator adjusted.

    cranetruck, Ive been working on cars for over 30 years and I've never heard that. I'm not saying it's not true, I just have never heard that. I work on robots, plc's, and all other types of controls, but I've always said that if a man can work on a car he can work on anything. They can be the...
  3. Dblbeard

    Problem: My bulbs all seem to blow out way before they should. Regulator adjusted.

    As the guy said above, check for a ground. The best way to see how to do it is do a search on youtube, that way you can actually see a visual representation of what is being explained. Also, use the amp probe like the guy said above and take readings on the circuits, this will tell you...
  4. Dblbeard

    profit margin..

    Basically it's all about the $ dollar, whether it's guys buying from GL for $2500 and selling for $7500 or if it's our so called brothers in arms that are buying the ar15's at your local sporting goods store for $900 and then turning around and selling them for $1500 and feeding on the fear of...
  5. Dblbeard

    Problem: My bulbs all seem to blow out way before they should. Regulator adjusted.

    I noticed you said 27-28 volts while running, do you mean at idle or with the rpm's higher? Also, are you running a stock generator or a newer 24v alternator? If the readings you are getting are at idle, have you idled the engine up and then checked the voltage?
  6. Dblbeard

    Chevrolet 5 Ton conversion

    Extra Callipers??? Most people don't have those kind of extra's laying around. How many do you have extra????
  7. Dblbeard

    Patracy's "SEMTT"

    I almost bought a homemade canon a few years back from Kentucky, the only problem is that it was so big it had to be transported with a reese hitch behind a vehicle, but the trouble would have been the barrell was sticking straight out the back and pointing towards traffic behind me. I figured...
  8. Dblbeard

    Patracy's "SEMTT"

    Patracy, if you did put it in tow behind I'm figuring about 30 minutes into the trip at least 4 Satellites, 12 unmarked gov cars and 3 solid black aircraft would be tracking every move. When you did stop you better be ready for a cavity search.
  9. Dblbeard

    My new M923A2

    Good looking truck you got there, I've seen several good deals up your way lately, wish I was closer.
  10. Dblbeard

    VIDEO - 5 ton desert chase scene

    Cool clip, does raise a lot of ideas and thoughts. The article I read said by the end of 2013 there will be enough drones in service within US borders that within 1/2 hour they can have at least one drone over any square mile in the US. In 2011 there were only 30+ drones in use in the US, by...
  11. Dblbeard

    Any information?

    Anyone know where this might have come from? I was told it was built for a fund raiser for disabled Vets.
  12. Dblbeard

    M35a2 charging system question

    I have a problem here myself, I'm trying to find time to pull the Generator/Alternator off my M35A2. I've always been told the Military MV diesels always used Generators instead of Altenators, here on SS I see a lot of people calling Generators Altenators. Bottom line is I don't have any...
  13. Dblbeard

    Hey guy I think I have a head gasket blow out... what do you think

    Not trying to sound like an A**, but I will say it just in case. ****Don't run the engine unless you have to. **** You probably already know that, but just in case I would hate to see someone run it just thinking it's only an oil leak and I will just clean it up. Hope everything goes well...
  14. Dblbeard

    Lockout hubs, who on SS sells them?

    Would someone be willing to lend a set that I could have duplicated by my CNC guy? He loves challenges like this. I would be willing to put a deposit or something on them if needed, I understand I'm new here so some may not feel comfortable lending such expensive items. I don't think I was...
  15. Dblbeard

    Unplanned outage

    I know I'm still new here, but I too thank you for the work everyone puts in to keep this site up. This morning after getting off 11 straight 12 hour night shifts I got on the computer to find the site down so I was bored and did some searching to see if I could find an answer to why the site...
  16. Dblbeard

    Steel Soldiers, users age

    43 and feeling it every day. After 4 major surguries, 2 rods, 4 plates and 12 screws in my back it's a wonder I've made it this far.
  17. Dblbeard

    My deuce

    Dangeroustyz- Yes, I will try to make it down there Scarecrow1- Actually one of the good ole boys down in Georgia has a bed for me, I've just got to get down there to get it. My son really wants a bed back there so I can install some bench seats for him and his little buddies to ride on. He's...
  18. Dblbeard

    Deuce muffler option

    Kohburn, Have you made any db readings with the aeroturbine? I know most of us don't have db meters but I saw a post where one of the guys installed an app on his smart phone that would do it.
  19. Dblbeard

    Do we have an official Bobbed Deuce picture thread? If not, here it is! Post em!

    My shorty bob Here's my shorty bob I picked up in Georgia last year. I wish I could have had the time to build something like this, but when you're working all the time to pay for your toys it just seems like an endless battle. It's got the 53" Michelins on it. This is really my little...
  20. Dblbeard

    Deuce muffler option

    Muffler I just ordered the Dynomax 17224, I'm going to surprise my boy with it when I pick him up from school one day. He's always loved the deuce, but lately I've noticed he's been wanting to drive something else when we go somewhere due to how loud it is. Nothings changed, it's just the new...
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