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  1. Blythewoodjoe

    M818 has play in the steering box

    I have searched for a solution to my steering problem and I just can't find any answers. Here's what I have found. When driving my truck at speed (at least as much speed as they have) it is all over the road. The only play I can find in the steering is in the box. When the truck is running...
  2. Blythewoodjoe

    m818 will not fire up when cranking over, fuel problem?

    Ok, here we go. I have searched and can't find the problem. So here's what happened: truck has been hard to get cranked for a while. The last time I had it cranked it ran for about 30 seconds and died. It is not uncommon for it to do that. Tried to fire it back up and no fire at all. Have...
  3. Blythewoodjoe

    My Bobbed XM818 by Mr. Trapp

    Hello all, I have my bobbed 818 in the most presentable shape it has been in, in a while, so I thought I would post a few pictures. I cut a deuce bed down to 9' feet, more or less and put it on a set of rails that are mounted on a dump hoist. In one of the pictures I have the bed off. It can...
  4. Blythewoodjoe

    I regret changing my M818 to hub piloted / unimount wheels

    First off, I searched for hours on here to see if anyone had done this and found nothing. Found lots of threads with words like "hub, 5 ton, and stud" in them and wasted a lot of time reading through them. A lot of threads jump track. Anyway I have switch my hubs over to hub pilot or unimount...
  5. Blythewoodjoe

    How can I keep the front axle from engaging on my M818?

    I have looked and can't find the info I need. First off, I am broke. If I could afford to buy nice new tires for my truck I wouldn't be worried about this. I have old tires and can't find tires that are not 20 years old in surplus tires. At least not enough for all the axles. So here's the...
  6. Blythewoodjoe

    M818 power steering acting up

    Howdy, My M818 is loosing the power steering at times. It is working then not working. It has fluid. Is the pump getting ready to go out? Never had anything do this before. Usually things fail or work. Thanks for any help. Joe
  7. Blythewoodjoe

    10 hours in my 5 ton toaster moving trucks

    I left home yesterday at 04:10 to head to Athens, Georgia with a Deuce I sold to an un-named gentleman, loaded behind my M818. Took five hours to get there, 3.5 hours to unload and reload with a couple of old fords (gtb's) and 5 hours home. My butt was so sore it hurt to sit down and eat. I...
  8. Blythewoodjoe

    Keyed ignition switch for M35A2, blah blah blah

    I have looked for hours at wiring diagrams and threads. I searched until I am sleepy. So despite the fear that comes from posting a question that some one may have answered in a thread years ago using improper English (or proper English, I am from South Carolina), or words or phrases I have...
  9. Blythewoodjoe

    M813 oil capacity

    Well I changed the oil in my M813 this past weekend and something is not right. I installed one of the spin on filter adapters from fleetgard. I put 5 gallons in the engine and ran it a minute. I figured I would need to add a least another gallon but it is at the top of the "H" mark. The book...
  10. Blythewoodjoe

    My most recent surplus vehicle, my TUG

    I saw this little vehicle up for sale and knew I had to have it. $210 later and I did. It has a dodge slant six and was made in 1977. It's like my M886 has a little brother. My daughter thinks it's her "car". It weighs over 5000 pounds so it is heavier than my first car. It's a former "army"...
  11. Blythewoodjoe

    The "HOOD IN THE FACE" club

    Since I don't mind bringing shame to my family and I wanted to start a new club, I thought I would post what happened to me yesterday. I hope this will help everyone remember to check everything over good before you head out. I left my house with a load of scrap metal in my M813 and got up to...
  12. Blythewoodjoe

    Rope bridge between two trucks

    No they weren't bridge trucks. A couple of weeks ago our scouts put up a monkey bridge in my back yard and I had them put it over the pond and use two trucks as scaffolding to climb on and work off of. One truck is the M35A2 I am letting my father in law have and the other was my M813. You...
  13. Blythewoodjoe

    Bobbing M818, rear spring question.

    I am looking for some opinions or plain facts too. I am bobbing a M818 and I have read on here that some people use deuce front springs on the rear of a bob to make it less stiff. My thoughts are to use use the 5 ton front springs I have and remove some of the leafs to decrease the stiffness...
  14. Blythewoodjoe

    M813 super single question

    I am now confused. I have read in the past here that with a 5 ton with the super singles you don't need to flip your hubs. I assumed this meant that they will track right with these wheels. Well I was looking my M818 over and noticed the front wheels are well inside the outer edge of the...
  15. Blythewoodjoe

    24 volt fuel pump

    I am planning to get back on my bob truck project soon and one thing that I want to do is put a different fuel tank on it. What I have been looking for and not finding is any info on an externally mounted 24 volt fuel pump to take the place of the in tank pump on the M35A2. Any body out there...
  16. Blythewoodjoe

    Got my SF97's, they are so wrong.

    I have quite a tale to tell, but I'm sure I'm going to tell it all. What I wanted to get some opinions on here is what I should do with these worthless sf97's I just got from GL. Here's the short story. My trucks (four of them) came from here in Columbia. It took over 2 months for the EUC to...
  17. Blythewoodjoe

    Bobbed 5 ton beware

    I was looking at a 5 ton bobber that is for sale, that's all I'll say, that I am confused about. I am wondering how people come up with weight limits, etc. I will copy and paste some of the info here: "Hauls 10,000 pounds" " the rear springs are of the front of a 2 1/2 ton truck" "New XZL...
  18. Blythewoodjoe

    MVPA and Government Liquidation

    I have noticed the front cover on my Supply line magazine has had a big expensive Government Liquidation ad on it for a while. I also received a calendar this week from the MVPA and noticed every Thursday is marked as a Government liquidation auction closing. I pay dues to the MVPA...
  19. Blythewoodjoe

    M818 slinging oil on the front

    I picked up my XM818 from the auction house it had been at yesterday and towed the M886 behind it home. Everything went well for the 3 hour drive home. I was walking by it today and noticed some oil. Well maybe a lot of oil, on the front. It appears the belts and everything are getting oil...
  20. Blythewoodjoe

    How much trailer behind a M880?

    I am wondering what you guys think of pulling a trailer with a Dodge M880 (886 in my case). I don't care about what the manual says it will pull, I want to know what you guys think about a 34 year old truck with the original auto trans pulling a trailer several hours at highway speed. I am...
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