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  1. mendo

    post a picture of the brake lines between the carrier

    Will someone post a picture of the flexible brake lines between the carrier and the truck from underneath? I have attached a pic of mine, well, what is left of mine, the parts between are missing. I want to replace them. Thanks!!
  2. mendo

    What is the best Trailer for the Goat?

    I want to tow a trailer, I like the 8 wheel look. What is the best trailer as far as being close to the same size and to be able to tow? THanks!!
  3. mendo

    What is this M104 Worth?

    there is one of these up the street, Any ideas what it is worth? I want to tow it behind the Gama Goat. I like the 8 wheel look. will it be too heavy or look too big? is there a better trailer option for the Goat? Thanks!!
  4. mendo

    Post it!! even if you think it is old!!

    Hello all! I just got a Goat and am starting to put it back together. I am starting to go through old posts and threads and I want to find sources for various wierd parts, most of them specific to the Goat. I am asking for those that have much more experience in this to let me know some of...
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