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  1. Katahdin

    Never ending brake nightmare

    SInce you didn't mention these: 1) Bleed with a pressure bleeder, do not use the foot method. You may be introducing air into the system by pumping with your foot. 2) Bleed the air pack first, then move to the furthest wheel out and work your way to the front axles.
  2. Katahdin

    did USMC ever use the M35A2

    My cousin told me he drove one while deployed to Somalia, I did a little searching and found these pics that can be purchased online. "16th October 1993 Leaving UNOSOM Headquarters, U.S. Army infantry soldiers of C Company 1/87 head out onto the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia in the back of an...
  3. Katahdin

    Why an M275A2, why?

    I remembered this old thread and wanted to follow it up, I removed my M275A2's fuel tank this past weekend. You need to remove the 2 cab bushing bolts and jack up the cab from underneath with a 4x4 to get the tank to clear the rocker panel. Both pictures shown are after jacking up the cab. It's...
  4. Katahdin

    Maine rally 2015

    I'm planning to bring my M275 to the Lake Winnipesaukee, NH poker run. The stops sound like fun and includes the Wright WWII museum, I haven't been there or know the area well, so it seems like a great opportunity and day to have fun.
  5. Katahdin

    Battery group number for M35A2

    For my last battery retainer, I used 1 inch fiberglass square tubing and threaded rod with nuts and washers. No special tools necessary, just any basic drill and saw. The fiberglass tubing I got on Amazon:
  6. Katahdin

    m35a2 startup procedure question

    I suggest reading the PS Magazine Multifuel Operator guide, it is informative and entertaining:
  7. Katahdin

    New Bedford/WestPort/Fall River, MA - Sneak peek

    "Vintage iron" is in that area, try PM-ing him.
  8. Katahdin

    Torque wrench for LH threaded items

    To torque LH threaded nuts with the Harbor Freight 3/4 inch 300-ft-lb wrench: Remove the two drive head screws, flip the drive head, then replace the two screws.
  9. Katahdin

    mep-802a no start well pump

    I was just guessing at the surge wattage, the label says 5 amps at 1/2 HP, with a max rating of .8 HP at 6 amps. The pump is a Franklin Electric Model 2445059004, I would expect a mep-802a to run it just fine. I have a little 10hp Briggs and Stratton gas genny that barely grunts when running...
  10. Katahdin

    mep-802a no start well pump

    My .5hp 200ft well pump draws 5 amps. 230Vx5amp=1150 watts, 2300 watts surge? How old is the well pump? My former 20-year-old well pump seemed to be drawing more current, flickering lights, etc before it quit.
  11. Katahdin

    Engine knocking LDS-456

    Per TM 9-2815-210-34-2-1 The LDS-465-1A pistons have the oil cooling channel The LDS-465-1 do not. Seems like you bought pistons for the -1
  12. Katahdin

    brake issue reo m275

    Try bleeding your air pack one more time after all the wheels have been bled. I've noticed improvements in pedal travel just by bleeding that. That said, I am also a fan of pressure bleeding. Veterans told me they had trouble bleeding brakes by pumping the brake pedal because it would...
  13. Katahdin

    So new 1971 Deuce delivered today. No spare, odd size tires on it.

    I think you have a very rare tire size/tread combo. I suggest checking the DOT date code to find out how old they are, those probably haven't been in production for awhile, or for very long. has a large selection of 10.00-20s, but I don't think you'll find an exact match...
  14. Katahdin

    LDT-465-1C vs. LDT-465-1D. What's the difference?

    Per this 1990 Ordnance document, the only difference is D engines have had the FDC bypassed:
  15. Katahdin

    No longer broke down in Flagstaff AZ; need transmission.

    Quote from FB: "I ended up having to replace both synchros and take a hammer to the 4-5 synchro to get 5th gear back out. 5th is pretty chewed up but I was able to get home. My wife ended up getting me another transmission that is in good shape I’m gonna be swapping out with. Then I plan on a...
  16. Katahdin

    Problem after new HH installation

    I don't think taking idle fuel pressures will show you much. I had the pressure relief valve leaking at the secondary fuel filters in my M109A3 -- a 0-100psi gauge read Zero and the truck idled fine and could drive 45 mph. Edit: I mean, its a good idea to check to make sure you're making...
  17. Katahdin

    No longer broke down in Flagstaff AZ; need transmission.

    The guy with the $350 transmission has parts sources in Florida and Mississippi, I know he ships through Fastenal, which you do have one of those in Flagstaff. I'll PM you his contact info.
  18. Katahdin

    No longer broke down in Flagstaff AZ; need transmission.

    The sighting was posted on the M35A2 Group Facebook page, there's a guy there willing to ship you a transmission for as low as $350 plus shipping. No local help as of yet tho.
  19. Katahdin

    No longer broke down in Flagstaff AZ; need transmission.

    Is this you per chance? The pictures were taken near Glenwood Springs around March 21.
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