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  1. Zoidsfan77

    Rear-Front Axle Shift/Slide

    Greetings friends! Forgive me if this has been covered before, nothing on the topic came up in my searches. The rear-front axle on my M814 will slide left and right in corners. It shifts on the leaf perches. I can hear a clunk when it happens. I can also see when driving strait the sidewall...
  2. Zoidsfan77

    Engine Locked? | 855 Cummins

    Engine Locked Up? | 855 Cummins Greetings! Sad times hath befallen. Today I went to start my M814 with the NHC 250 Cummins. It turned over, and began to start. It spat a good deal of white smoke, but not anything to out of the ordinary for this truck. I felt the engine was running, and...
  3. Zoidsfan77

    To Purge or Not to Purge | 855 Cummins

    Greetings gentlemen! My new to me M814 seems to be low on power. This is my first MV, so maybe they really are this sluggish. I cannot quantify it well in words, but 0-55mph (at full power, unloaded, on stock 11.00x20 tires and on level ground) takes well over a minute. It drives like it is...
  4. Zoidsfan77

    Eventful 5 Ton Recovery

    Greetings gentlemen! I purchased a M809 (M814) 5 ton truck this Thursday, and drive it about 80 miles home. I will create a build thread when I get around to it, so far seems to be a good truck. I should mention that this is my first MV. Most of my return trip took place in the dark, about half...
  5. Zoidsfan77

    Keeping an M35 at my Residence

    Greetings! This is my first post here, but I have been going over threads for some time. I am planning to purchase an M35A2 in the coming months. I live in Columbus Ohio. I just want to make sure I can legally keep this thing at my house. It will fit properly in my driveway and all that. Here...
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