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  1. whatadeuce

    MEP002A alternator fuse

    Hello troopers, and hwhere do I find the alternator fuse?
  2. whatadeuce

    My first Generator MEP002A

    I am connecting this unit so as to run my home when utility power is of, as it sometimes happens here
  3. whatadeuce

    West Palm Beach MV show

    To all members in South Florida, We are hosting a new MV meet location at GATOR-SHACK RESTAURANT PARKING LOT, 3088 Seminole-Pratt Whitney Blvd, in Loxahatchee, zip 33470, on Saturday November 1, 0800 Hrs We hope to make it a flea market too. Please join us. WHATADEUCE 561-651-9289
  4. whatadeuce

    stuck piston rings

    Since I bought my M185A3 4 weeks ago, I optimistically guessed the reason it wasn't running was because it wasn't getting fuel to the injectors. After all, I "knew" this truck, why, Iv'e seen it running! But that was 5 years ago and after that it sat parked outside at the Neew York gas...
  5. whatadeuce

    stiff transmission shifter

    For my newly purchased M185A3, not having runf or 5 years, I cant hardly move the tranny shiftter arm. Shall I remove the tranny top and pour 90 weight on the forks?:|
  6. whatadeuce

    oil, fuel filter part numbers

    For the Deuce fuel and oil filters, are there part numbers to buy in the aftermarket ?:-?
  7. whatadeuce

    changing axle ratio?

    Hello Deuce owners, and when I had my M37, I put in 4:89 axle gears and increased the speed of the vehicle. Has anyone done this with the Deuce axles ratio? :shock:
  8. whatadeuce

    Engine manufacture?

    The conversation went like this ME I want to buy patrts for my M35A2 engine please PARTS MAN What make engine? ME, I knew youd ask that, but the nameplate is worn, all I can make out are stamped numbers TRUCK SALESMAN you have either a white, herculies, or continental engine, and they are all...
  9. whatadeuce

    front axle lockers?

    Hello M35 owners, and are lockers available for the front naxle on my M35A2? Peter mark
  10. whatadeuce

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida anybody?

    Troopers, I am relocating to Fort lauderdale . in two weeks and hope to meet fellow vehicle owners there. IS THERE ANTBODY OUT THERE? Peter Mark
  11. whatadeuce

    M35a2 lost 2 & 3 gear !

    Hello, And while driving upward on an incline I lost 2nd and 3rd gear. At home I took off the tranny top and inspected the forks and fork motions, they seem to operate ok. Dont recognize any damage looking at the gears from the top. Could it be that the fork jumped out ? Peter Mark
  12. whatadeuce

    Hello from great neck

    I just bought an M35A2 and am driving it to Ft. Lauderdale Florida in two weeks. I had the front wheel lockouts installed by John Tennis and am happy about this website. Peter Mark
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