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  1. MrChuckles

    Getting the right paper technical manuals

    I have downloaded the manuals on this site to try to become more informed about my 1983 vintage M925 A0. I sure prefer paper over reading computer screens for manuals. Can anyone point me to the most appropriate manuals in paper bound form? I'd print them out, except they are over 900 or so pages.
  2. MrChuckles

    M925 Over weight boo boo - Transfer Case Won't Engage

    Today I took Gomer (my 925 A0) converted with a reinforced dump bed to the quarry to pick up a partial load of dirty base for our construction project. (Our driveway to the house site is steep and gravel truck drivers in the area are boycotting our build because of the decent.} Anyway, I hope...
  3. MrChuckles

    What do I do with this motor?

    First, I'll introduce myself. My name is Chuck and I live in NW Arkansas. I just bought a 1988 M925 that has been converted to a dump bed. The truck runs fine and the motor powering it sounds good and appears solid. An additional motor came with the truck, bolted to a steel crate. It appears...
  4. MrChuckles

    Weight of Cummins crate engine for M925-A2

    I just bought a new-to-me M925 with a converted dump bed. Itg comes with what appears to be a remanufactured engine. It will arrive to me in the back of the truck. I'm concerned I don't have any equipment big enough to unload it. Does anyone have an idea what the crate motor might weigh? My mini...
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