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  1. J2H

    Noob's from NYC

    I am dying for another MV.... used to have a CUCV many moons ago
  2. J2H

    Newbie from South Mississippi here!

    Welcome aboard!
  3. J2H

    New guy from ol Kentucky

    Welcome from MD!
  4. J2H

    New guy from Alabama

    Hello from MD!
  5. J2H

    Back from the "dead"

    I like the M35A2s, but realistically, they seem awkward to drive on the road... I have driven the 5 tons in the desert, and drove M35A2s in Germany, but not often. And the MPG, lol
  6. J2H

    Back from the "dead"

    Waiting for my money first lol
  7. J2H

    Back from the "dead"

    Been a while since I posted here... been dealing with a LOT of stuff since coming back from my deployment to Iraq and subsequent reenlistment in the US Air Force in 2010. I am now separating early (DOS Rollback) with an honorable discharge and getting a severance package, so now am looking to...
  8. J2H

    M880 transmission seals?

    How much do you think that might run?
  9. J2H

    M880 transmission seals?

    I am looking at a 77 M880 and the owner says the rear transmission seal needs to be replaced as it leaks some trans fluid... how much do these run? Easy to put on and take off?
  10. J2H

    Bone and B2

    Looks like flightline cop humor lol
  11. J2H

    Issues with GL?

    Well, my account was locked and they took away my win! Never gonna use them again...
  12. J2H

    Payment to GL

    My card came back declined so I called and they said it went thru, now my accts locked!
  13. J2H

    Payment declined? HELP!

    I was told I paid for my win, never saw a charge (said declined on my invoice).. GL claimed my payment was OK... but now my accts locked!
  14. J2H

    Ladder stowage

    On our 2.5tonners we would use the stowage hooks for any ladders or, lacking them, just toss it in the back. However, many of our Active Duty trucks don't have any sort of ladders or anything.
  15. J2H

    Yet another So Cal new guy

    Welcome aboard the SS!
  16. J2H

    SF Chevy Impala in Shreveport, Louisiana

    I won an 02 Impala (Security Forces) from GL at Shreveport... once I pay the money for it, I'll call to arrange pickup, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to at least hold onto it until I can arrange to come get it or have a company pick it up
  17. J2H

    Hello From East Texas

    Welcome from SC!
  18. J2H

    Bye for now to M52/M54, Went to VN Vet

    We're like a drug, big ol' MEAN GREEN drug
  19. J2H

    My new Security Forces Impala

    If I can make it to the rally!
  20. J2H

    Looking to get an m816 wrecker in the future

    While I can't answer any questions about the 816, I CAN welcome you to SS!
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