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  1. mcshooter79

    M984 wrecker accesories. What to do with them?

    Hello all, I was recently given allot of accessories from, I believe, an M984 wrecker. I am keeping some of the universal stuff like the vice, the snatch block, dog bone, and the axle clamps but most of the rest of the stuff I don't know what to do with it and I will probably haul it to the...
  2. mcshooter79

    Folding tire davit......How is supposed to work/look?

    I have an M931 with the 11.00x20s and it has the folding style tire davit. I managed to break one of the pivot pins and considered just welding the davit solid more like the later davits found on the A1 and A2 trucks but first I wanted to know what would I be losing by doing so? What was the...
  3. mcshooter79

    M816 in Sparta MO

    Looking for anyone that can temporarily recover and store and M816 in Sparta MO until I can get up there to get it 4 to 5 weeks. Thanks
  4. mcshooter79

    New M816 in MO need help and advice.

    I just won an auction for a running and working M816 that looks fairly complete from a well known auction site. I got it for $5100, I have always wanted one but it was kind of an impulse purchase that I didn't actually expect to win. I have questions and need advice: 1. This my first 800 series...
  5. mcshooter79 scrap or not to scrap...that is the question.

    OK, so I always wanted a long bed and I took a gamble on one that sold out of Bragg recently. The dash was pulled out and gauges missing but I had guages and there were no other indications that the truck wasn't operational. Spoke to a rep at the lot and he said the truck started and drove, they...
  6. mcshooter79

    M931 piggyback recovery from Camp Shelby

    Just wanted to share my recent experience with recovering the two 931s that I won in October. I wasn't sure if either truck ran and the auction said that the vehicles had to be towed or wrecked from the sight so I drove the deuce with a tow bar a plan and tools in hand. First I live in St...
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