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  1. decodeme2

    Issues with SF-97

    Don't feel bad, been waiting for 5 months on 6 HMMWVS...... Then the title work takes 2 months.,,.... Then people want to know why I am asking 18k for them. LOL.... Kevin.. Then I find out I have to resubmit a couple EUC's, because of a "GLITCH" in the system they lost it!.. *URG*/. That's only...
  2. decodeme2

    batteries in lmtv?

    Hey Guys, My friend changed the battery leads to use 2 batteries instead of 4. I cant figure out how he did it. Anyone done this so I can buy 2 batteries instead of 4..? Kevin
  3. decodeme2

    M1078 milky oil/water in the transfer case question

    Hey Guys, How would my m1078 get water in the transfer case/trans?.. I know they share the same fluid. I think. The oil looks like milk. The transmission/transfer case look brand new! Maybe the oil cooler in the radiator went bad?.. need a new radiator ? I think they had the same problem...
  4. decodeme2

    M805a injection pump lost timing *urg*

    John Deere 4039T engine , Injection Pump. IP. Does this sound right? Its for a 4239 engine. Is it the same class of engine?.. On the left rear of the motor (left facing front) you will see a little plate held on with a bolt that has a shaft about 2'' long sticking out, this is your timming...
  5. decodeme2

    M805a injection pump lost timing *urg*

    Hey Guys, I removed a IP from a m805a 30kw generator after timing it. No biggie. when it was being rebuilt, I cranked the generator over thinking it was another one. *URG* Now I got the rebuilt IP, and cant figure for the life of me how to time the motor too install the IP. I know how to do it...
  6. decodeme2

    M925 from Ft Meade MD to Towson MD

    We are local and haul from ft. meade all the time. call us for a quote. Kevin. 301.922.2009 cell anytime.
  7. decodeme2

    Couple Bobbed military 5 tons and a deuce.

    Hey guys, Thought you might like to check out my latest creations, We use the tractors to bob. All are 2010 and newer. Super low miles. They really turned out great! The deuce sits on a 5 ton frame and axles, has disc brakes! Yes traded it a year ago from another SS member. Just finished it not...
  8. decodeme2

    Need transport 4 skytracker forklifts from newcastle DE to Lakehurst NJ

    Call Eric with Surplus transport LLC. We work out of New Castle A lot. 252-455-5579 for a quote.. Just hauled one out of New Castle. Wrecker to load it cost $500.. Kevin
  9. decodeme2

    LMTV Air Conditioner

    Yes sir...Already Present...
  10. decodeme2

    LMTV Air Conditioner

    I have sold a few Hmmwv Kits to customers with M35A3 trucks. Same engine.. Attached are few pics..$1,250.00 You have to make your own A/C compressor bracket..They told me it was too cold! Ran it on low all the time. Customers have adapted it to M923a2, M923, M35A2, and many others. Cooled my...
  11. decodeme2

    41st Annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally & Militaria Flea Market @ Aberdeen, MD

    Looking for 2 sets of 4 post gun ring legs for a 5 ton... Will be at Aberdeen...! Kevin...
  12. decodeme2

    New Castle, De. 923A2 removal

    For furture Reference: We can pickup and store Trucks & Equipment for Ft-Mead, Del, And Aberdeen, at our lot. We are 40 miles from Ft-Meade, 100 from Del, and 100 from Aberdeen... We also can deliver cheaply and quickly within a 300 mile local area, but have delivered much farther.. We have a...
  13. decodeme2

    New Castle Delaware preview needed

    Sure, Will be at the lot this wensday & Friday for customer pickups.. kevin...301.922.2009 I charge 30.00 a truck..
  14. decodeme2

    Aberdeen GL inspection/preview

    Yes we do. only if we are picking up another customers truck. Call Kevin at: 301.922.2009 cell anytime.. We charge 30.00 a truck.
  15. decodeme2

    SR71 Blackbird

    Hey Guys, Thought I would share a photo of my Dad Charles Mclean and his Buddy Ted Moller, They flew the SR-71 Together At Edwards AFB. They got together at my moms Birthday Party on the eastern shore of Maryland. Ted was the Pilot and Dad was the Navigator. I got some great pics of them suiting...
  16. decodeme2

    Military generator mechanic needed in nyc.

    Posting for a customer. He needs a part time (weekends) mechanic to change fluids, filters, fix problems on 30 and 60kw military generators. He has about 6 of them..Hes located near the warf in NYC. Interested email me at : Thanks! Kevin... ps, he pays well..!
  17. decodeme2

    m35 bed from Jacksonville florida to Westtown ny

    Selling a M923 14' Bed with drop sides...Almost like new. Complete Mud Flaps etc.. , Solid Carc Green $1,000... Kevin in Maryland..closer...
  18. decodeme2

    New castle del or ft-meade pick-up and storage avaiable

    Hi Guys, Just a note to let you know that I can pickup 5 tons and any equipment from Ft-Meade Md. or New Castle Del, and storage it at my storage lot if need to be pickup at a later time. Im About 1 hr South from FT-Meade, and 2.5hrs south from New Castle. My ZIP-20711. 20 mins south off RT-95...
  19. decodeme2

    new castle DE pickup

    PM Sent...Mapquest says 72 miles..And its always short.. We can pickup and store the trucks at our storage lot... Call or email me at :
  20. decodeme2

    GL site down - extending auctions?

    CRap!...Their goes the naborhood..
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