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  1. russojap

    Is there an easier way to remove deuce hubs?

    I'm working on a gravel driveway, so anything with wheels wouldn't work. Maybe I could put some thick plywood down? Not sure I have the strength to remove and reinstall all those hubs, I nearly broke my back doing only one a few years ago. Thanks
  2. russojap

    How can I stop melting terminals?

    This is the second time this has happened, the first time I melted the post off of a battery. I was certain they were tight, but maybe because the batteries aren't secured down it's causing the bolts to loosen up. Do I need lock washers? Why did they melt in the middle?
  3. russojap

    Coolant leaking from oil filters?

    Please tell me this is not coming from the engine, I don't see how it could looking like this, the oil on dipstick looks fine. The other day I noticed they were leaking oil though.I see the hose behind the filters but don't see any evidence of coolant there, only what looks like condensation. It...
  4. russojap

    Decoding unit markings

    Maybe decoding is not the right word, but could somebody tell me what the unit markings stand for? Sorry if it's a dumb question. I also can't help noticing they are not applied in the same fashion as most others I have seen, the font usually seems smaller and in two short lines rather than one...
  5. russojap

    Deuce oil level question

    Before I changed the oil the level on the dipstick was about 1/2" over the full line. After draining the oil and replacing the filters I added 5 gallons of oil and the level showed to be low by around 2 quarts I think. However, I wanted to run the engine first to not risk overfilling it. Now...
  6. russojap

    An interesting article

    I just ran across this and thought I would share it. Proceed with caution.
  7. russojap

    Why is this plate so bent?

    I noticed this plate is bulging out between the bolts, the left one is almost perfectly straight. What's causing this, rust between the frame and the plate maybe? Thanks Left side
  8. russojap

    Prepping Deuce for paint

    Hey guys I have to switch gears from mechanical to paint because of the weather. I intend to scrape off the loose peeling paint and then feather the edges in the best I can with an electric DA then put some rust oleum primer on the places. For the majority of areas where the CARC is still stuck...
  9. russojap

    Hydraulic lock after filter change?

    I installed the spin on primary today and finished putting the OEM secondary filters back together. With fuel cable in the stop position I let the pump run to fill up and bleed the secondaries, maybe two minutes. When I cranked the engine to check for hydraulic lock it turned just a little and...
  10. russojap

    Rear Jerry can brackets

    My truck has Jerry can brackets on the rear mudflaps, how common is that? All of them on the truck are marked USMC, does that mean it was actually a Marine truck? I don't like the mounts on the mudflaps and want to take them off, they are on crooked and to me make the truck look junky. Is there...
  11. russojap

    Sludge in bottom of filter normal?

    I doubt it, but how common is it? What is it? I pulled the primary filter off because I couldn't get anything to come out of the drain,even after sticking something in it. It had about a 1/2 or more of this stuff. Thanks.
  12. russojap

    Dumb oil filter questions

    What is the circular recessed(milled out?) area around where the canister tube goes in, it looks like there should be some kind of rubber gasket in there? I'm not crazy about this setup, I had to keep vacuuming rust off the filter housing base. I know it probably shouldn't have been rusty to...
  13. russojap

    Some brake questions

    I hope this isn't a redundant question, I've been going over some brake threads and am a little confused. I've been seeing Chinese made rubber parts won't last, bad springs, which I remember they have to have a certain shape, etc. Would someone mind telling me all on this thread where the best...
  14. russojap

    Start up after long time advice

    Start up advice after long time not running Hi guys, I haven't started the M 35A2 in probably three years, at least. Is there anything specific that I should do before attempting to start it? How harmful is not running it for so long. I just lost interest in it a few years ago after a rear...
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