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  1. Dblbeard

    Any information?

    Anyone know where this might have come from? I was told it was built for a fund raiser for disabled Vets.
  2. Dblbeard

    My deuce

    I would like to say I built her, but I can't. I work way to much to have the time it took to do this, but it's all mine just the same. Well, I can't really say all mine, it's really Jacob's (my 12 year old) He's a real military nut, knows all there is about weapons, vehicles, planes, ect...
  3. Dblbeard

    Made is home with the new Deuce

    Drove my new deuce from Atlanta all the way home to Greenwood SC. Most of it on I85. My 11 year old stuck in there with me on the trip home while my oldest took the company car home easy way. Trying to get use to the manual steering and brakes was something to do on the Interstate. With the...
  4. Dblbeard

    Kind of new from South Carolina

    Got my first of a few to come excombat vehicles. My son I must say is really the one that has the military in him. With the titaniam that is in my back I don't think Uncle Sam would ever want me on the front lines, but just the same I can support my boys that are out there in my place. I...
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