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  1. 11Echo

    cucv leaf springs

    The springs pictured were upgrades. The common replacement for the single leaf helper's were either 5 or 6 leaf. The 5 leaf were a bit stiffer. I used to get this done the first week after delivery of all my 1 tons going back to my 1969 Longhorn Chevy. In the second pic the yellow 77 has the 6...
  2. 11Echo

    South Korean M35's doing the job.

    A pic of a trio of S. Korean M35's spraying streets.
  3. 11Echo

    Dual wheels on front of a deuce

    Your truck is not blue by any chance?
  4. 11Echo

    Dual wheels on front of a deuce

    Front track pic.
  5. 11Echo

    Dual wheels on front of a deuce

    Well, it's been a while and felt this thread needed another go around. Enjoy!
  6. 11Echo

    M35A3 Allison 653 - has anyone done it?

    I don't have one and have never done this swap.
  7. 11Echo

    Bumper mount tire carrier?

    Mike_Pop has done some nice modifications on his M1009 in the past.
  8. 11Echo

    Australian M816

    Some years back I seen a line of Canadian M813's at a surplus yard and they were equipped with Jacob's.
  9. 11Echo

    Painting an old truck an accurate US military tan color...

    A link to a previous thread.
  10. 11Echo

    AF Blue M35

    A previous thread here with some pics.
  11. 11Echo

    M1028A3 new project

    Seen this one on GL back in 2009, I think. It was somewhere down south.
  12. 11Echo

    MERDC Mules

    A couple pics from a show.
  13. 11Echo

    M35A3 Rims on a M35A2???

    The MLVW wheel has the proper bead flange for the 395's and I have been running them for many years on several trucks. Here are a couple pics of the same 365/80-20 tires mounted on an A3 and a MLVW wheels.
  14. 11Echo

    Tire orientation question

    So the enemy might be confused which way the unit was traveling.
  15. 11Echo

    Canadian 15CWT

    Find more pics and info at this site.
  16. 11Echo

    Question about wheels types....

    You have to look. The source I had sold all they had. They are still in use up north. On artillery units also.
  17. 11Echo

    Canadian 15CWT

    A couple pics from a near recent trip to Toronto. The Artillery Quad and 25 pounder were beautifully restored.
  18. 11Echo

    Question about wheels types....

    Not true. MLVW wheels perfect fit and DOT stamped. The MLVW wheels are 5 degree flange. They are 6,000 lb rated unlike the A3 wheel which are rated at 4,000 lbs. They like most tires.
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