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  1. hungryhungarianz

    1956 M135 6x6 Update

    My long hard work over winter paid off. I unseized the engine, change the oil, installed cam shaft, push rods, clean spark plugs, repaired the flintstones floor in the cab, installed seats, lights mirrors, put in another fuel pump, bled the brakes and put in new brake fluid. Now to the paint...
  2. hungryhungarianz

    1956 M135 Progress Report

    In October i purchased a truck i have wanted for the last 10 years. A 1956 M135 6x6 Round Nose Jimmy Gasser. (Wanted a Diesel Instead but whatever) I must say since i laid eyes on this beauty in October and joining the Steel Soldiers Forum website i have become determined to prove something to...
  3. hungryhungarianz

    M135 - Why is my Transfer Lever Stuck in the Neutral Position?

    I need some help :tigger:. After some work done on the Engine and Now she purring like a kitten. I try to move it forward but it wont move. aua Trying to lift up the transfer lever to engage it wont lift up? The truck has sat for 15-20 years? Anyone can explain what is going on?
  4. hungryhungarianz

    1956 M135 Fuel Pump PSI

    I need to know what pressure the old existing fuel pump runs at? I tested it with a 2-4 PSI fuel faccet pump but it does;nt seem to deliver enough fuel. As i need to modify it and purchase a 24 volt electric. But how many psi should it be? Thank you
  5. hungryhungarianz

    Need Help on 1956 M135 In Tank Fuel Pump

    In my restoration project of the M135 i am almost at the point where the engine is running. I took out the fuel pump and cleaned it out. Cleaned all the contacts. Cleaned the carb but when i took of the fuel lines i am not getting fuel to the carb. I checked the wires from the ignition and i...
  6. hungryhungarianz

    1956 M135 GMC I6 Conversion to Diesel?

    Greetings To Everyone, I am excited to be apart of Steelsoldiers as I have recently acquired a 1956 M135 GMC Inline 6 6x6. I was told by the guy it can run multifuels. But looking closer at this engine as i dont know much but know a little. Im preety sure this is a gas engine? If i am wrong...
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