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  1. scoutmanadam

    MEP-015a ignition issue

    hi everyone, I recently fired up my MEP-015a and noticed it was only running on one cylinder. when I pulled the plug wires I noticed one of the plugs was missing the phylips head screw, Is the screw the contact for the plug wire? I tried to get the other one out to check thread and size but...
  2. scoutmanadam

    need some close up V17 pics

    Hi, i am in the process of restoring my 52 reo V17. I have looked at all the pics off of this site and haven't been able to find any of the insides of the tool boxes or of the inside of the cab. Also, any more pics of the outside would be most appreciated. thanks
  3. scoutmanadam

    My V17 has arrived.

    just had my new truck dropped off, it needs a little work including a front axle and gas tank but the rear winch works great and the motor fires. more pics to come
  4. scoutmanadam

    military version or civy conversion

    someone close by is selling a truck i am going to go look at in the next day or two. it is a deuce but with a body on it i have not seen before and was wondering if this was a military conversion or a civy one. its a 63 rio whittenburg gasser
  5. scoutmanadam

    unimog SEE

    does anyone happen to know if those unimog SEE's are legal for street driving. it seems that front bucket might make it a problem
  6. scoutmanadam

    car seat latch system attachment points

    i added a second springer seat to my deuce and am planning on welding in loops to attach my child's car seat to using the latch system support straps. i was going to just go off of measurments from my other vehicles, but was wondering if anyone has done this before and may have pics and before...
  7. scoutmanadam

    new to me generator

    just picked up a new generator, seems like a good unit, starts on the first pull, anyone have any info on rarity or quality of the unit
  8. scoutmanadam

    painting the deuce

    finally got around to painting my truck. i got it last February from a member on here. its a really strong runner and good all around truck. here are some pics of how far i am so far. i still need to paint the gas tank and frame. i am torn between keeping it green or doing the three color.
  9. scoutmanadam

    deuce starter model number

    i need to replace the bendix on my starter in my 70 ldt continental deuce and i cant find any number stamped on it or on a tag on the starter so that i can order the right bendix. if anyone happens to know the model number for the starter and a good source for the parts, i would most appreciate it.
  10. scoutmanadam

    turn signal fix

    my turn signal stopped working on me yesterday. when i got home i went threw the tm's and narrowed it down to the switch on the steering column. now, not wanting to just replace it i took it apart and saw that the groves on the lever itself were worn to the point that they wouldn't push the...
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