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  1. Katahdin

    Help Identify this Building Mover MV

    Anybody know what this is? I've only been made aware of it recently, but its been employed in my town for decades by a family building mover business.
  2. Katahdin

    Katahdin's New M275A2

    Introducing my third deuce, a 1967 Kaiser Jeep M275A2. It had been 2 full years since I had bought my last deuce.... I was due right?!?! I picked it up in Deerfield, NH last Sunday. It has an interesting combination of old original parts and custom mods. The OLD: Continental LD-465-1...
  3. Katahdin

    Snow-Deuce (Chesuncook Lake, Maine)

    Does anyone here have any information about this "Snowmobile-Deuce"? I found the picture online. I'm actually heading up to Chesuncook village two weekends from now on a kayak trip, I'd love to get a closer look! My best guess is its used to haul heating oil and kerosene across the lake in...
  4. Katahdin

    Different deuce transmission shifter shapes?

    Does someone know why these transmission shifter shapes are different? Box vs Spring Seat? Sprag vs Air Shift? M109 vs M35A2? Just wondering what the definitive reason is. I learned to drive deuce on the M109 with the straight shifter, it feels a little weird adjusting to the curved shifter...
  5. Katahdin

    Battle of the Bulge Rifle Match, Dec 14, Southern Maine

    Scarborough Fish & Game is looking for WWII Rifle shooters to come out to our annual Battle of the Bulge Rifle Match, this December 14th. Any rifle that was used in the European Theatre is welcome: M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, Mausers, Springfields, Enfields, BARs, etc. Yugo and...
  6. Katahdin

    M109 Trip to Owls Head, Maine

    My wife and I took the M109 up to Owls Head this past weekend, it was my wife's idea so I was happy to oblige. She wanted to see the antique autos at the annual Owls Head auction that was held there. Here's a link to the auction with lots of pictures of the cars and trucks and how much they...
  7. Katahdin

    $369 Plasma Cutters at Mardens (Maine)

    The Mardens store in Scarborough has plasma cutters for sale, the other stores around the state might have them too. Mardens is a "surplus and salvage" store chain. The cutter appears identical to the $700 model Northern Tool sells, just painted a different color. It has good reviews both on...
  8. Katahdin

    Off to the Maine Snow Plow Rodeo

    Hey guys, the missus and I are bringing the M109 to the Skowhegan, ME area and it will be on the Fair Grounds on Thursday June 6th. This is the site of this year's Maine Highway Congress, a 1,000 person public works event that includes workshops, vendors, and equipment demos. It's also where...
  9. Katahdin

    The FDC and Cold Starts

    Wasn't sure if this was common knowledge, but when there's zero fuel supply pressure, the FDC control goes to a "full rich" position to provide maximum available fuel delivery during cranking for engine starts. So...your engines with the FDC hooked up might start better in the cold than those...
  10. Katahdin

    Long term sunlight exposure vs 24087 Paint

    I took this picture at one of the museums on Ft Hood a couple days ago, it clearly shows the fading effects of the punishing Texas sun on 24087 paint over time. This side of the vehicle probably hasn't been turned away from the sun in years. The vinyl white star has shriveled up and reveal the...
  11. Katahdin

    M109/185 Van Body Antenna Mount

    Is there an Army-correct way (TM instructions, etc) to mount an antenna scoop bracket to a M109/M185 Van Body? I may be able to pick up a scoop bracket while I'm down here in Texas and am wondering what I should look for and where to place it.
  12. Katahdin

    FT HOOD Museum Pics

    Hey guys, as some of you know I'm down at Fort Hood visiting with my brother. I'm seeing lots of great stuff so I'm going to post my pictures here. This may take me a few days to do with my trip schedule so please bear with me. I'm also going back to the base Wednesday and may be able to get...
  13. Katahdin

    Cole Land Transportation Museum

    I spent several hours at the Cole Land Transportation Museum on Saturday, all I can say is wow. They had everything from antique snow plow trucks, fire engines, farm tractors, cars, trains, motorcycles, bicycles, wagons, cement and dumptrucks, MVs, to vehicles you probably never heard of. Its...
  14. Katahdin

    Trucking for Kids Convoy (Maine)

    Hey guys, I drove my 109 in the Maine Trucking for Kids Convoy yesterday and it was a lot of fun. The rally benefits Camp Sunshine and D.A.R.E programs, Camp Sunshine is a retreat for families who have children with life threatening illnesses. This year there were about 70 trucks and the event...
  15. Katahdin

    Portland to New Boston

    I just want to give a heads up to the Southern NH members I'll be crossing their border with my 109 for the first time on Saturday. I'm picking up a farm tractor I bought in New Boston. I'll be towing an equipment trailer that I did a 12 volt light and brake controller conversion for just for...
  16. Katahdin

    Tow Chain, How'd I do?

    This was at the local 'Surplus and Salvage' place. Their jingle is "I Shoulda' Bought it When I Saw It!." Mainers will know what I'm talking about. I got the last 29 feet in the barrel for $1.59 per foot.
  17. Katahdin

    Driving the 3-year-old niece

    My in-laws were up this weekend and my SIL and three-year-old niece "Ellie" hadn't driven in the deuce yet so I took them for a quick ride around our field and the neighborhood. My FIL snapped these pictures. Ellie had a great time, she especially liked the high-up view she got from the cab...
  18. Katahdin

    1941 1.5 ton playing in Maine Snow

    Just came across this video, its from the next town west of me. Its pretty well done and I thought you guys would like to see.
  19. Katahdin

    Cleaning the Fuel Strainer

    Surprisingly this was quick, effective, and fun! I just touched it off with a small propane torch and blew it out with air after it cooled down, it cleaned the mesh right out!
  20. Katahdin

    Rustoleum Leak Seal, First Impressions

    I've been plugging some leaks in my 109 Box and I'm using Rustoleum Leak Seal to fill in the cracks between body panels, over rivet holes, etc. It appears to be a relatively new product, a copy of "Flex Seal" seen on TV. here are my initial thoughts: 1) Its not a very "pretty" coating, use...
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