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  1. Drock

    6.2-6.5 long block or short block questions?

    So after a 200 mile trip with blow by it's now good & fried:deadhorse:. So it's bottom end time. My question is should I go with a short block or a whole long block? My current heads are 6.5 new replacements and only have about 20,000 miles on them. I've found several long blocks on line just no...
  2. Drock

    Excessive blow by ???????????

    So over the past couple days I've bin getting a lot of blow by coming out of the top of the fill cap. It goes away once revved up, you can see it being pulled into the Banks filter housing. I've cleaned both the CDR valve and the air filter. My question is.. Other then bad rings, could this be...
  3. Drock

    Starboard fuel door install (PICS)

    Though I'd show off my sheet metal skills with this fuel door install. In preparation for a secondary fuel tank.
  4. Drock

    LED Head light upgrade. ....

    Well I guess they don't make them like they used to? I kept burning out or cracking the old style glass headlight bulbs. So I reluctantly ordered this set of LED headlights on Ebay. And I'll have to admit they are an amazing improvement!
  5. Drock

    Glove box hinge fix

    So I'm doing some organizing in the cab of my M1028 sense space is soo limited in the cabs of these trucks. And I want to utilize all the little nooks & crannies as best as possible, to hold all my supplies needed for my business. The plastic glove box door has bin broken sense I bought the...
  6. Drock

    Improvised seat cover......

    I thought you guys might find this interesting or just amusing :shrugs:. The duct tape seat repair I made a few months ago started getting glue on the back of all my pants. So I figured I'd give this a try. It's a military poncho liner woobie. It comes with ties all the way around it. I used...
  7. Drock

    Helpful series of videos, improvised easyout idea
  8. Drock

    Lost my fuel cap.

    Well I got accosted at the fuel pump at 5:00 in the morning in ATL ,by a panhandler. Trying to close my drivers door to get to me, asking for money. So in my haste to get back underway, I must have left my fuel cap on top of the bed rail when I pulled off.:shock: So anybody have an extra for...
  9. Drock

    Well blew another head gasket :(

    New optimizer heads, ARP studs, Felpro gaskets, Permatex copper spray.:mad: I got off the highway the other day and it pushed a bunch of coolant out of the recovery tank. And now it won't get up to temperature, and won't recover the displaced coolant. I'm thinking this must be a defective head...
  10. Drock

    Haunted dash electrical question.................

    *Disclaimer* Electrical is NOT my thing:shrugs:. So about 2 months ago my GEN2 light dimly lit, and not sure if it was at the same time? But I noticed shortly after my gauge lights stopped working. Well tonight, at the end of a 100 mile trip the gauge lights came on and the GEN2 light is out...
  11. Drock

    Steering box leaking........

    So I've had a leak on the drivers side inner fender for a while now do In part at least to the oil cooler lines leaking. I was hoping it was just the oil cooler lines, but of course no luck:doh:. So any suggestions on where to buy a new one? And if there's anything I need to look out for when...
  12. Drock

    Gen2 light on

    Hey guy's I'm half way through a 600 mile trip and the Gen 2 light is dimly lit, and staying on. The belts are all tight and the volt meter is reading normally. (1st) Can I make it the rest of the way home? (2nd) Is there some simple things I can check for till I can make it home to my tools?
  13. Drock

    Hydroboost question

    So I skimmed through the many threads on this subject, but I have a question? While shopping online I noticed Autozone lists one ("with a rectangular bracket"). The one on my M1028 has such a bracket, so is this the one I need to get? Or can I simply swap my bracket over to any new one? Here's a...
  14. Drock

    Radiator cap not sealing.................................

    I thought I'd share this elusive issue I experienced in case it can help someone else....... I'd bin driving around with blown head gaskets for about 6 months do to time & $$$ restraints. After finally installing a new set of aftermarket heads, Felpro gaskets, and ARP studs. The coolant system...
  15. Drock

    Head gasket advise....

    M1028, 6.2, with a banks turbo. I just bought a brand new set of heads off Ebay. It's my understanding that they are 6.5 heads? With the new Canadian castings that aren't supposed to crack? Anyway, what head gaskets should I use with these? 6.2 or 6.5? is there a difference?
  16. Drock

    Injection pump help

    So I've read several old threads about injection pumps and now I'm lost:shock:. Someone posted a list of part numbers that listed different numbers for different years of CUCV? Mine is an 1986 M1028, and I've add a Banks turbo. I haven't checked the numbers on mine, but as per the list it should...
  17. Drock

    Injection pump leaking

    So after another 600 mile trip I found a puddle of fuel under the truck this morning. It's coming from the throttle linkage. Is there an easy fix I hope? I assume there is some sort of rubber grommet? can this be replaced in the truck?
  18. Drock

    Axle bolts broke

    So my drivers side rear axle flange developed a small leak. When I went to undo the bolts 2 of them sheard off. I was able to easily unscrew the broken shanks with my fingers. So I assume they must have just bin over tightened? I stuck 2 random bolts I had in my stash to get buy till I can get...
  19. Drock

    Found this cool CUCV video on you tube

    I follow these guy's on Instagram, they run the crap out of these trucks!!!
  20. Drock

    E-charger bolt on hybrid system...(Video) this on youtube and thought it was interesting
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