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  1. wbdodgeiv

    CUCV - Slow cranking when cold

    I have a M1009 that has developed a problem starting when the engine is cold. When I first get in and try to crank it, it starts off at normal speed and within a few revolutions slows until its nearly stopped. I typically let it starter cool at this point. If I hold the key it will barely roll...
  2. wbdodgeiv

    Electrical Part 1599225

    I moved the 24v bus bar on the firewall over one hole so I could free up a post to let me convert the 24v radio bus to 12v so I could put a typical HF radio in. When I was taking the cables off I found pn 1599225 between the 24v and ground busses and it’s jacked up. I couldn’t find it with...
  3. wbdodgeiv

    Raising rear axle - to shorten turning radius

    I cannot make the turn into my driveway without heming and hawing, and once in the driveway it is a steep uphill turn. The scrubbing tandems are chewing up my asphalt. First thought was to unlock one side of the front tandem axle to eliminate the chewing, but this will get me stuck in the...
  4. wbdodgeiv

    Pressurizing the brake system

    If one was to pressurize the mc reservoir with system pressure, would this lock the brakes up? I was thinking about hooking a 3way valve to the mc cap to either apply system pressure or vent to atmosphere. Im not super keen on line locks as I have to add several leak points into the high...
  5. wbdodgeiv

    Deciphering TB 746-93-1

    I am having trouble figuring out how to mark my truck. Carnac was gracious enough to provide me with the following information below. Having no actual military experience, I have no idea how the information correlates to TB 746-93-1. I googled "113TH FIELD ARTILLERY" and I think that it is a...
  6. wbdodgeiv

    Fuel Pump RPM

    Does any one know the correct rpm for the in take fuel pump? Mine went TU a few days ago and the engine has gotten hard to start. Took the pump out and nothing happens when you flip the acc switch on. If I rap the can with a screwdriver it runs very slowly making a rattling sound then stops. It...
  7. wbdodgeiv

    Roanoke Va Inspection

    I am having a time getting inspected around Roanoke, VA. The place I normally go, who is very "good" about inspections, won't pass my M35 because the glass is not DOT or ANSI marked, no marker lights on the bed, no reverse lights, and they claim I have a leaky axle (which I don't.) They want...
  8. wbdodgeiv

    Diagnosing Bad Transfer Case

    My new-to-me '67 35a2 has a transfer case will not stay in high. I think it may have started when I attempted to back up my driveway in high and it popped out of gear right before I jammed the clutch down to keep the engine from stalling. I backed up in low just fine. Fast forward a couple...
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