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  1. islasaero

    2 LMTV pick up

    Bell, California to New Boston, Texas. Texas to Saraland, Alabama. Got tools, spares, wheels, and oils... Hope to start on April 26th. May need some help... May...
  2. islasaero

    Going to pick up 2 LMTVs starts April 26

    From California to New Boston Texas with rental vehicle and all the tools I can use to start an LMTV. Wheels, oils, and spare parts included. Then, to Saraland, Alabama to tow another LMTV. From there, straight to California.
  3. islasaero

    Need Help with Dash Gage Wiring!

    I got my M109A3 in good condition except it did not come with the gages. So, I got a good set of gages and wanted to know what wire went were. It all looks the same to me, lol. So, I'll show you a picture of what I got under my plain dash...
  4. islasaero

    Need Tow and storage of Deuce from Warner Robins Airforce Base

    It's already been a month since I sent the EUC form. By next month In November 22nd, it will be about 60 days. If I could get someone from the near by area to tow the duece out from the base and store it. I will pay for your help and storage. I did want to drive the duece back home, so , I might...
  5. islasaero

    Deuce Warner Robins GA to Southern CA

    Hey guys, anyone capable of hauling a Deuce to Bell, California or somewhere near Southern California. The Deuce is located in Robins Air Force Base in Georgia. Thanks!!:cookoo::oops: Oh, I'm still waiting for the EUC, of course
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