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  1. DCIV

    Fuel miles

    I know this is a wide open question and I’m not looking for mpg. I don’t trust my fuel gauge and curious about how many miles is half a tank.
  2. DCIV

    How much brake

    I have a spot that I can get one wheel off the ground. I've been playing with the whole "slightly apply brake" that I hear people here talk about. Problem is I can't find the right proportion of brake to gas ratio. So how much am I suppose to apply?
  3. DCIV

    My fan

    My fan, runs from the time I start it, till it stops. I never hear it "kick on" as I've read. I know it's controlled by the Cadillac valve but what I don't know is if it's running all the time it seems people say their temps stay around 180-200. Mine seems to be more like 200-220 and stays at...
  4. DCIV

    Cars and Coffee

    I was at the knoxville Cars and Coffee this last Sunday. There was a humvee there, had a radio set up, antenna...really looked good. Was hoping the owner was a member and I could just pick his brain on some things.
  5. DCIV

    Correct transmission filter

    I just want to make sure I get not only the correct trans filter but also the correct gasket (unless it's rtv). My humvee is a 1985 but redone in 07. Also, dextron III compatible? Or something else? I don't mind shopping eBay if that's where you tell me to go, just always worries me it will not...
  6. DCIV

    Alternator and gauge

    Just swapped in new batteries, truck starts suuuuper easy now. The problem is the gauge still sits on the line between green and yellow. I let it run and drove it 30 mins...never moved up. I want to put a voltmeter on the battery's but I don't know what I should be seeing numbers wise. Also is...
  7. DCIV

    My M998 Arrived Today (could questions)

    Finally got my M998 today and have spent all morning going through it. We had to jump it off the trailer but then it drove nicely around. Parking brake wasn't holding for anything and was pretty much worthless, looked up in the manual how to adjust it....holy pop was that simple. Twist knob...
  8. DCIV

    How much is the same

    How much is the same between the 6.5's sold to the general public and the 6.5's in our humvee's, specifically stuff mentioned in this video, Thanks
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