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  1. AN/GRC-46

    Restored AN/GRC-46

    It's been a while since I've seen anybody discussing the AN/GRC-46 RATT set but i know there were several restorations ongoing 6-8 years ago. I had a fully restored set at one time and had it completely described and pictured on When that site went belly up I lost all control of...
  2. AN/GRC-46

    Towing an M37

    Does any one have any experience in towing an M37 using the military V-shaped towbar? It would be for a couple hundred miles. I figure to unlock the locking front hubs and disconnect the rear driveshaft. Would there be any precautions to be aware of? Does the vehicle track well or should the...
  3. AN/GRC-46

    Restoration Guide

    This is an old subject, beat to death long ago but on a whim, I thought of looking up what's going on with David Ahl's "Dodge M37 Restoration Guide" There are currently four used ones for sale through Amazon. Listed prices are $599.95, $799.95, $849.95, and $999.00. If I had only had the...
  4. AN/GRC-46

    Stock Tail Lights

    I can't find any references that explain the functions of each of the lenses in the standard M37 tail lights. The left one has a large oval lens which lights red when the headlights are on, and brighter red for the brake light. The right one has a depressed oval area with a square cutout...
  5. AN/GRC-46

    Fuel Filter Element

    Does anyone know a NAPA, or other civilian part number for a fuel filter element that would fit the standard military M37 fuel filter?
  6. AN/GRC-46

    M37 in movies and TV

    This site is a collection of screen shots of the M37 appearing in various TV shows and movies, although they may have missed a few (I think there were some in Goldfinger - not shown here.)
  7. AN/GRC-46

    Movie M37

    Just saw the latest Indiana Jones movie last night and noticed they used an M37 and a handfull of Deuces in a lot of the early scenes. Unfortunately they felt the necessity to do a head-on collision between the M37 and a nice looking 1949/50 Ford sedan. They didn't really show that aftermath...
  8. AN/GRC-46

    Differential Gearing

    I know that most of you will recommend against this but I really can't see any downside. I have the stock 5.83 gearsets front and rear. I also found one set of 4.89 gears. I have the idea of installing the 4.89 in the rear for general road travel. I personally can't see any reason why I...
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