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  1. xm708

    M215 or m59 cab protector

    Has anybody seen any duece dumper sitting and rotting ? I may be getting an m59 in the spring and she is missing her cab protector. Thete is a M215 in maine on rt 11 but can't get any response from any maine members. Also tnj murray has a complete bed and won't sell separately .. anybody seen...
  2. xm708

    m59 versus 342a2

    I know the beds are physically longer on the 342 but are the cab protectors the same ? I may have found an m59 and she is missing her cab protector, tool box and data plate.. I know the m215 and m59 were the same just wasn't sure of the 342.. Thanks guys my little m37 dump needs a big brother
  3. xm708

    pipeline truck value ?

    Have a buddy that has a complete pipeline truck in storage and is getting rid of everything for health reasons. Anybody buy a complete running driving one recently or seen one for sale ? looking for prices essentially any help would be appreciated and when it comes up for sale as long as admins...
  4. xm708

    10 ton radiator and tranny NOS

    Went to a friends house today as he is retiring and he has what he said was an NOS radiator for a 10 ton which I beleve he said M123 with a cummins 300 ? He has a tranny and radiator new in plywood crates. I know pics are good but camera was left at home. I will be back in a week or so. The...
  5. xm708

    Unimog rear portal axle

    I visited a freind today and ran across a brand new n the crate rear unimog portalaxle in a wood crate. The crate has seen better days but the axle looks fine. Not sure how to date it but was curious to its worth as he wants me totry and sell it for him. I know the thread is worthless without...
  6. xm708

    m135 odd ball

    Found this searching craigslist in worchester Mass tonight and thougt I would share..
  7. xm708

    M215 dumper in Southern Vermont

    Found a m215 dump on craigslist here in VT. It is right over the border from Mass on I-91. It looks decent. The cab protector is not on it but the tool box looks to be there. Not mine and I could not afford to tow it the length of VT so here it is . also has a winch !! ed MILITARY M215 DUMP...
  8. xm708


    I just saw an m342a2 on Ocala florida craigslist. kinda pricey but it looks like it is all there. Not mine either.
  9. xm708

    Cucv dually 1986 with 10,000 miles in TN

    Guys thought I would put this out there. I found this beast searching for one ton chevys and a dually cucv popped up in good shape with 10,000 on the clock. I would pounce but other things are more important for now. asking price is $4200 and he seems real nice just too far for me for now...
  10. xm708

    M35,M342a2 total Heights ?

    Guys I am replacing my barn door with an overhead and was wondering does anybody have the total height of the M35 and the M342A2 ? I have neither of them yet but a man can dream right ? My little dumper will fit but it yearns for an older brother of the duece kind. I am think of a 12 x 12...
  11. xm708

    m215 in the movies

    I saw an M215 in the movies last night. It was a Pauly Shore movie named in the army now. They are stuck in a Libyia prison and then the US starts bombing the prison and they get out. Then you see an old slant nose GMC. closer look they show the tanks on the pass side for the brakes and then a...
  12. xm708

    Old dodge ?? WW2

    Guys I found this truck and was wondering if anybody could ID it ? I am an m37 guy and not very knowledgable on the WW2 stuff. thanks ed
  13. xm708

    steel soldiers in long island ??

    Any SS members live in long island ? I am looking for somebody in the Port jeff area for some possible assistance with a truck I am looking into . PM if you may be able to help thanks ed
  14. xm708

    M35 Dump maybe 342 ? in CA craigslist

    guys I stumbled across what appears to be a m342 a2 in san diego's craigslist. too far for me to drive .... I think I attached a pic.. ed
  15. xm708

    another m215 to the scrap heap

    hey guys I posted a pic awhile back of an m215 for sale. he wanted 1500 for the truck and it was 1500 to ship it home I did not have the cabbage to do it. It currently has gone to the scrap yard and he supposedly saved some stuff off of it. It ticks me off to no end. It was 100% complete data...
  16. xm708

    found m215 complete

    guys I have found a 50's m215 and was wondering on prices. it is all there dump parts double pto original body only thing missing I can tell is spare tire holder.. what do you guys think it is worth. Guy wants to send it to the scrap heap and I can't let that happen. If I can't do it does...
  17. xm708

    what is an 1952 M59 dump worth

    Found an M59 in vermont. It is original gasser mostly straight body runs and moves just wondering prices to offer ? will a cummins B series 6BT fit in a gasser chassis ? Just ideas going thru my little head. thanks for any help ed
  18. xm708

    XM 705 anybody ??

    I am looking to find an chevy xm705. It was the truck that went up against the m715 and lost because it cost more. anyways I saw a post on g503 site and can't get a hold of the gentleman he was from arizona I believe. any leads or suggestions would be great. thanks ed :D
  19. xm708

    XM 708 M37 DUMPTRUCK

    Hi guys somebody said you guys might like to see my little duecelit as somebody here referred to it as. anyways it is 62 m37 dump. I think cabell garbee visits here and he also has one now. anyways cool site I need something to do at night watching inmates snore and fart !! there is an as found...
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