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  1. J

    Fmtv wheel studs

    A little late, I found the part # for the two piece wheel Bolt. This is what I used to replace one bolt on the wheel, I’m not sure if it’s actually a bead lock stud. NAPA # 641-3141 Jack
  2. J

    Fmtv wheel studs

    I got the beadlock studs at NAPA.
  3. J

    Fmtv wheel studs

    Have them pull the book out with wheel studs. It took my guy some time to find the right one, I think I left the one I brought in. The one he found was maybe 1/8” shorter than the original. They did have to order it, only took a day or two. Jack
  4. J

    Fmtv wheel studs

    The bolts for the wheel half’s can be found at NAPA. jack
  5. J

    New Guy Upstate NY

    I registered one a few years ago with an out of state title. Went to Goshen NY DMV. No issues. You’ll need to bring a picture of the vin. Also not sure if the NY DMV has reopened yet. Didn’t know that Montgomery was up state. Jack
  6. J

    LMTV locked out

    Kind of lucked out. One door was stuck, as I was climbing up to look in the door it opened. I will need to pull the inside door skins off to investigate though. The outside handle on the driver side does nothing and it sounds like there is a loose rod inside the door. The doors have always been...
  7. J

    LMTV locked out

    I have a 2002 LMTV A1. Locked out with no key, I do have a slim Jim, just not sure how to start. Worst case I guess I could pull the turret cover, then would probably need a new gasket. Please don’t ask how it happened. Thanks jack
  8. J

    Fmtv wheel studs

    Ericks military has them.
  9. J

    2019 Red Ball Military Show / Swap meet Gilbert Pa Sept 27-28

    I can bring 4 Michelin XZL 395-85-R20 tires. 2001 date, approximately 5000 miles. Good to fare condition. All for 200.00.
  10. J

    FMTVs in NY?

    Registered my 1078 back in April, in NY. Had to get commercial plates due to year, 2001. The lady behind the counter couldn’t find SS on their computer so I showed her a picture on my phone. she took the phone and proceeded to show all the DMV workers (my cool truck) her words. I also kept...
  11. J

    Need a wheel CTIS elbow.

    I didn’t have much luck finding it locally. got mine from Truck Pro.
  12. J

    Anyone interested in renting their lmtv for hurricane relief?

    Interested, bit of a drive though. Jack
  13. J

    Red Ball Rally in Gilbert PA

    What are you going to have in the way of 715 parts? Thanks Jack
  14. J

    Gilbert 2012 Want/Bring/looking for list

    GP Small Looking for a GP small, with or with out poles. Would like one in very good condition.
  15. J

    Sussex NJ Apr 28/29 WHO WANTS WHAT

    looking for a GP small, with or with out poles. Must be in exelent condition, perfer vinyl. Jack
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